first_imgOver the weekend, STS9 headed to Pier 17 for a two-night run. First off, Pier 17 is one of the coolest new venues to see music in New York City. Although a lot of New Yorkers weren’t happy about the strict 10 o’clock curfew, the location and layout definitely make up for it. With clear views of the Empire State Building as well as Brooklyn, this isn’t your everyday concert experience.There’s no arguing that the show started early for a Friday in Manhattan, so a good amount of people missed Papadosio’s opening set. But by the time STS9 hit the stage, the venue was filled out. It was a spectacular experience to see the Brooklyn Bridge behind the stage, sprawled across the East River, as STS9 opened with “Metameme”. Drummer Zach Velmer went off, wasting no time showing off his immense drum-and-bass skills.“Metameme”[Video: Aaron Beveridge]Next came “Out of This World” > “March”, and the segment had the crowd engaged as the day began to turn into evening. Tribe followed up the combo with “Surreality” > “Eb”, which is old-school Sector 9 at its best. It was a definite highlight of the show, and all the die-hard fans in attendance appreciated it. “Ramone & Emiglio” always gets the crowd going, and the band fed off the energy of the city lights and the crowd brilliantly. They closed out the first set with “Balancing”, which launched into a rocking modular jam, showing off some fantastic interplay between bassist Alana Rocklin and keyboardist David Phipps.The band came out for the second set, and they were locked from the jump. The “Rabble” catapulted them into an electric drum-and-bass jam that landed them in “ReEmergence” beautifully—another classic Tribe song off their masterful 2005 album Artifact. They followed with “Enceladus”, a newer song that switched the vibe up. “F. Word” > “Rise Above”, “Get Loud” > “Move My Peeps” is a stellar example of a band being able to mix their classic material that the fans adore, with newer material that they’re not as connected to. “Presence of Light” capped off the second set with great purpose. The song has a vocal sample in it, and if you listen close you’ll hear, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore,” which are the words engraved on the Statue of Liberty—it was pretty fitting as it echoed across the East River.“F. Word”[Video: Keith Smith]Because of the early curfew, the band left the stage and returned at 9:30. They immediately slid into “Water Song”, a melodic exploration of the heart and mind and perfect for a late September evening in New York. By that time, it was dark enough to truly appreciate the intricate lighting design on stage. They jammed into “Kaya” and left the crowd content, even though most would agree they would’ve loved another set.“Water Song” > “Kaya”[Video: Infinite Vibrations]It was a magnificent experience to witness a band take their fans on a journey as the sun set over New York City. If you have a chance to see a show at Pier 17 or see STS9 at any of their upcoming shows, you definitely should.Setlist: STS9 | Pier 17 | New York, NY | 9/28/2018Set I: Metameme*, Out of This World > March, Surreality > EB, When The Dust Settles Reprise, > Ramone & Emiglio, Balancing > MOD^Set 2: The Rabble* > ReEmergence, Enceladus, F. Word > Rise Above, Get Loud > Move My Peeps, Presence of Light^Encore: Water Song > KayaShow Notes*DnB^Modular Section.last_img read more