first_imgHave you witnessed racial stereotyping among students at Oxford? You can contact our news team using this address: [email protected] Regardless of whether of the rugby social was indeed eventually held under a ‘Jewish’ theme, organisations expressed outrage that the offensive theme had even been considered in the first place.“We are appalled”A spokesman for the Union of Jewish Students for the United Kingdom said,“The actions of a few students have caused real offence.“We are appalled that in 2008 old myths and anti-Semitic stereotypes are still appearing amongst supposedly educated students.”A spokesman for CST (Community Security Trust), a national body responsible for providing training and advice for the protection of British Jews, said he could not believe what had been planned. “This event sounds at best extremely insensitive and stupid and at worst blatantly anti-Semitic and likely to cause feelings of vulnerability and isolation for Jewish students,” he said.“It is very disturbing to see actions that years ago would have been resolutely condemned as racism now becoming acceptable at Oxford.”The captain of the Under 21’s rugby squad admitted that a “bring a fit Jew’ party had been planned but denied that it had gone ahead.“This is completely not true”Asked to confirm whether the social did feature Jewish costumes, he insisted, “This is completely not true. There was no Jewish theme at all.”He stressed that the original theme had never been meant to offend anyone. “I don’t see what the problem is,” he said.“I can understand why it might have offended some people but it would have been an awesome social.“All the Jewish girls who had been invited were really looking forward to it. They knew what the theme was and they are still going.”Another member of the rugby squad, who wished to remain anonymous, said that he had initially thought the theme was “fairly good banter” but in retrospect had realised the incident was “not in touch with moral values of society.” A “bring a fit Jew” party organised by the Under 21’s squad of the Oxford University Rugby Club has sparked an investigation by the University.Guests were told to bring a ‘fit’ Jewish girl to the event which was due to be held on Wednesday night.Officials from the Oxford University Students’ Union rushed to have the controversial theme changed at the last minute, with the rugby captain giving assurances that the theme had been altered to “bring a fit girl” instead.Despite this a number of students have claimed a number of the players still attended the event fully dressed in stereotypical Jewish attire, although this has been denied by the captain of the squad.“Unacceptable behaviour”A spokesperson for Oxford University confirmed that an investigation had been launched into the incident.“We are currently investigating a report about inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour by two or three students,” she said.“We cannot comment directly on the case as we have yet to establish the facts. However, the University unreservedly condemns racial stereotyping.”Meanwhile, the Oxford University Jewish Chaplain confirmed that he had received complaints from several appalled students the morning after the event at Jamal’s curryhouse in Jericho.“It did go ahead as planned,” said Aaron Katchen.“Four different students called me. Some saw people after they had left [the venue].”He added that one complaint was sparked after a rugby player was heard bragging about the Jewish costume he had worn.“If people and institutions of the University can find humour in portraying minorities in such a fashion then I am disappointed in students of this intellectual calibre.”last_img read more