first_imgCheteshwar Pujara was unbeaten on 79 while Ajinkya Rahane remained not out on 40 to give India a fighting chance in the second Test vs Australia in Bengaluru. Local boy Lokesh Rahul said he expected the pitch to turn from Day 4 and added that it would be difficult for Australia to bat against the Indian spinners. (SCORECARD)Here’s how all the action unfolded on Day 3: INDIA 2nd INNINGS:16.50 IST: It should be an exciting day tomorrow where both the teams would look to put the pressure back on the opposition. India will want their batsmento pile up as many runs as possible so that they pose a total around250. Australia, on the other hand, will want to come back roaring withthe ball in the morning to come back on top of the game. Join us at 09:30 IST for the fourth day of the second Test match.KL Rahul: It was a little bit easier than the first innings. The wicket was the best to bat today. I know conditions here – Day 3 is the best day to bat here. On the fourth day, the pitch starts doing some tricks. Happy that me and Pujara had that partnership. Our game plan was to rotate the strike. Unfortunately, we could not do that in the first innings. Hitting boundaries a bit difficult. Getting starts and then not going big is disappointing.It was a fantastic partnership. They are experienced players and hopefully they can get a 100 more runs, which will be good for the team. The cracks start opening up on the fourth day. The longer we bat, the harder it will be for Australia to bat on this pitch. advertisement16.45 IST: KL Rahul managed to keep his good performance with the bat going as heregistered another half century but could not last long after that.Virat Kohli will be disappointed with his dismissal and RavindraJadeja’s failure with the bat continued.16.42 IST: Josh Hazlewood was the pick of the Australian bowlers who managed to pick up three wickets in the day. Lyon could not replicate his first innings performance and Smith will want his bowlers to be dominating again.Wow, what a gripping test, India showing their class in challenging conditions. Game on!! #IndvAus- Tom Moody (@TomMoodyCricket) March 6, 201716.40 IST: This makes the game even stevens as the hosts lead by 125 runs. India will be really happy after finally dominating a days play in this series. They came charging in the morning where a beautiful spell by Jadeja sent the visitors back in the hut in just over half a session.#TeamIndia end Day 3 on 213/4 (Pujara 79*, Rahane 40* ), lead Australia (276) by 126 runs #INDvAUS BCCI (@BCCI) March 6, 201716.38 IST: Finally a promising session for India where they haven’t lost a single wicket. Pujara and Rahane have looked settled in the middle as they played out the final session with comparatively ease. The former marched onto register another fifty under his name, while the hosts will be really hope to see the latter back amongst the runs. These managed to stitch out the best partnership until now in this series which speaks volumes of their batting. All the Australian bowlers tried there level best but could not build pressure on the hosts when they were struggling at 120/4.16.34 IST: India 189 & 213/4, lead Australia (276) by 126 runs at stumps. Pujara 79*, Rahane 40*. This is the first session in this series where a single wicket hasn’t fallen. Kudos to Pujara and Rahane! 16.30 IST: FOUR! Edged! Starc bowls it outside off on a length, Pujara stays in his crease and looks to defend. The ball goes off the outside edge past the first slip fielder and runs into the third man fence for a boundary. Pujara didn’t quite want to face the last over but will take the boundary for sure.16.26 IST: Pujara and Rahane’s partnership, which is currently worth 88, is the highest of this series.16.17 IST: FOUR BYES! Spinning in from the line of the stumps, Rahane goes for a sweep but misses. The ball misses everything as it runs away towards the fence. India 189 and 205/4, lead Australia 276 by 118 runs16.16 IST: 200 up for India. Fuller delivery from Lyon into the stumps, Pujara drives it through the mid on region for a single. The hosts now lead Australia by 113 runs 16.08 IST: FOUR! Down the leg side, Rahane camps back and clips it beautifully through the mid-wicket region for a boundary. That was a top shot.15.58 IST! India’s lead go past 100-run mark. Down the leg side, Pujara clips it fine down the leg side. Hazlewood gives it a chase and tries to stop it but the ball wins the race and the batsman gets a boundary under his name. India 189 and 189/4, lead Australia 276 by 103 runsadvertisement15.44 IST: FOUR! Beautiful shot. Floated in the line of the stumps, Rahane sweeps it really well through the square leg region for a boundary off Lyon. It seems like the batsmen is on the charge. India 189 and 175/4, lead Australia 276 by 88 runs15.42 IST: PARTNERSHIP! 50-run stand between Pujara and Rahane. Again a bit of width outside off, Pujara pounces on it and punches it wide of point for a couple to bring up fifty-run partnership for the fifth wicket.15.39 IST: FOUR! Placed to perfection. Hazlewood bowls a good length delivery outside off, Pujara waits for it and guides it really late through the vacant second slip region for a boundary. That was a really good shot.15.28 IST: FIFTY! Cheteshwar Pujara overcomes poor run to reach his 14th half-century. Mitch Marsh angles it on the stumps, Pujara clips it through square leg for a single. A hard-fought fifty for Pujara, he though knows that the job is not done yet. India 189 and 158/4, lead Australia 276 by 71 runs15.18 IST: This is how the Aussies reacted to the dismissal of Virat Kohli. Priceless!Classic reaction to the Kohli dismissal from the Aussies!#INDvAUS (Pic: BCCI) (@CricketAus) March 6, 201715.18 IST: LOUD APPEAL FOR LBW! Bowls it on a length just around off, comes in sharply, keeps a touch low, Pujara looks to defend but is rapped on the pads. There is a loud appeal from the bowler but nothing from the umpire. That looked to be going down leg, all the time.15.12 IST: Mitchell Marsh is warming up and maybe he will be soon called into the attack.15.07 IST: 150 comes up for India. The hosts now lead by 63 runs. 14.51 IST: FOUR! Cut away! A rare bad ball from Josh! Drops it short and a touch wide outside off, Rahane makes sure he does not miss out and cuts it hard through point for a boundary. Good shot14.46 IST: Rahane punches it towards covers for a single. The lead is now 50 runs!14.38 IST: PUJARA JUST MAKES IT! Pujara comes down the wicket to work it through mid on. The bowler goes to his right stops it, fires it at the striker’s end. Wade tries an underarm flick between his legs but misses. Pujara had to dive back into his crease.14.32 IST: FOUR! Top shot! Fuller outside off, Pujara comes down the wicket to take it on the full and drives it through covers for a boundary. Superb use of the feet there. India 189 & 130/4, lead Australia (276) by 43 runs at tea 14.31 IST: Four Byes! Lands it outside off, does not spin much, Pujara looks to pad it away but the ball stays low and beats everyone and shoots through to the fine leg fence.14.30 IST: The players are back out in the middle. Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane will aim to bat long and hard. Australia begin the final session with Nathan Lyon.advertisementNot the first time we’ve said this in the series, but a massive session coming up: #INDvAUS (@CricketAus) March 6, 201714.20 IST: With the right-handed batsmen struggling vs Lyon, India sent in Ravindra Jadeja as the pinch-hitter but the move backfired as Josh Hazlewood who had dismissed Kohli earlier, got through the defences of Jadeja too. The lead is only 35 runs and India will know they have a lot of hard work left to be done. It promises to be another intriguing session of cricket. Join us in a while for it.At Tea on Day 3 of the 2nd Test, India (189 & 122/4), lead Australia (276) by 35 runs #INDvAUS BCCI (@BCCI) March 6, 201714.15 IST: What an eventful session of Test cricket and Australia finish on top, having taken four wickets! Indians had a very good first hour post Lunch with KL Rahul and Cheteshwar Pujara going smoothly. And it was the skipper Steven Smith who led from the front. It was his brilliance at first slip, taking a brilliant catch to send back KL Rahul. Virat Kohli came in and looked to be positive before a marginal call went against him and meant India were in trouble.14.10 IST: India 189 & 122/4, lead Australia (276) by 35 runs at tea 14.08 IST: Ajinkya Rahane is the new man in. The Australians have roared back on top of the game. The lead is only 33 runs for India.14.07 IST: OUT! Hazlewood takes 3rd, castles Jadeja for 2. The experiment doesn’t work! Hazlewood has gone through his defence! Angling in from a length, Jadeja tries to push at it but he is nowhere near the line of the ball. He misses it completely as the ball goes onto hit the timber. Jadeja has to walk back and now India look struggling with four wickets down. IND 189 & 120/4, lead AUS (276) by 33 runs14.01 IST: 0, 13, 12, 15 – These are Virat Kohli’s scores against the Australia in this series. This is beyond belief considering the form he has been in the last one year.AP Photo 13.55 IST: FOUR! Lyon bowl it short and wide outside off, Pujara shuffles across and pulls it over the mid-wicket region for a boundary.13.49 IST: Surprise, surprise! Ravindra Jadeja has walked out to bat at No.5 ahead of Rahane, Nair and Saha. It could be a move to distract the Aussie spinners into bowling different lines. Both Lyon and O’Keefe have bowled brilliantly to the right-handers. Jadeja will also be counted upon to score some quick runs before the specialist batsmen come out and build on the lead in tough batting conditions.13.48 IST: OUT! Hazlewood removes Kohli for 15. IND 112/3, lead AUS by 25 runs. Kohli had gone up for a review immediately after umpire Nigel Llong raised his finger. The Indian captain assumed the ball had taken an inside edge off the bat on to the pad but replays showed no conclusive evidence the ball had indeed hit the bat first. Hawkeye suggested the ball had pitched outside off but the impact was umpire’s call. And as the ball looked like hitting the stumps, there was little doubt Kohli would have to walk off.It doesn’t get much tighter than that! Kohli gone… #INDvAUS (@CricketAus) March 6, 201713.44 IST: The partnership between Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara will be the key for India. This stand will decide which way the Test match will head to. Pujara looked a bit scratchy in the beginning but composed himself as the session progressed. Meanwhile, Kohli has come with a positive mindset today and that has been visible in his batting.13.39 IST: FOUR! Hazlewood bowls it full and Kohli just waits for it and clips it elegantly through the mid-wicket region. The fielder from deep square leg tried to cut it off but the ball was always going to win the race to the fence.13.36 IST: 100 up for India, lead Australia by 13 runs 13.23 IST: KL Rahul played another brilliant knock at his home ground. His knock of 51 should lead the way forward for the rest of the Indian batting line-up. He has showed that the pitch was still good to bat on and the batsmen only needed to apply themselves.Fourth Test 50 for @klrahul11. This is his third of the series so far @Paytm #INDvAUS BCCI (@BCCI) March 6, 201713.19 IST: India (189 & 88/2) wipe off deficit, now lead Australia (276) by 1 run  13.17 IST: Smith gets back to being Superman! Floated outside off, Rahul goes to drive at it and finds a thick outside edge. The ball flies wide of the fielder at slip but Smith had different plans as he dived full stretch to his right to take a stunner. Simply a wicket the Aussie skipper has earned. Rahul has to walk back to the hut after a decent show with the bat.Unreal.#INDvAUS (@CricketAus) March 6, 201713.16 IST: OUT! Smith takes a blinder to remove KL Rahul for 51. IND 189 & 84/2, trail AUS (276) by 3 runs. Virat Kohli is the new man in. India need him to play a big one here. The umpire has a word with the bowler and captain, Smith.13.08 IST: FIFTY for KL Rahul! Good length outside off, Rahul punches it through point for a single. Second fifty in the game for him, he will know he needs to make it a big one and a memorable one too. This is his 4th Test fifty and third against Australia. This is also the first second-innings half-century for Rahul. IND 189 & 81/1, trail AUS (276) by 6 runsAnother half-century for KL Rahul. His third of the series so far and the hosts now trail by just six runs: #INDvAUS (@CricketAus) March 6, 201713.04 IST: FOUR! Top shot! Fuller outside off, Rahul waits for it and creams it through covers. The timing is too good and he gets a boundary for it. A brilliant shot to play really.13.00 IST: Rahul has backed off at the last moment. He is bowled and Wade is celebrating for some reason. Smith is not happy. There is some issue with the sightscreen it seems.12.54 IST: Mitchell Starc has come back into the attack, replacing Josh Hazlewood.12.45 IST: FOUR! Poor line from Hazlewood and he is punished! Fuller and angling into the body, Rahul does not miss out and clips it to the fine leg fence. Vital boundary for India, they trail by 23 runs.12.37 IST: FOUR! Nicely done! Hazlewood bowls that on a length outside off, Pujara follows the ball with hard hands and gets it wide of the gully fielder for a boundary to third man.12.31 IST: 1000 runs for KL Rahul in Test cricket. Gets there with a couple off Hazlewood.AP Photo 12.28 IST: 50 up for India. KL Rahul 27, Pujara 5 12.28 IST: Dropped! Steve Smith puts down Pujara on 4 at first slip. Floats it outside off, Pujara plays the wrong line and gets an outside edge. Smith at first slip, sticks out his left hand to grab it but fails to hold onto the chance. That was a tough one, Smith is not happy. How much will it cost Australia?12.20 IST: Dropped? Tough chance. Lands it outside off, Pujara looks to play for the turn and is beaten as the ball does not turn that much. The ball goes off the edge and lobs off the keepers’ pads. There is no one at silly point and a chance goes abegging.  IND 189 & 44/1, trail AUS (276) by 43 runs12.16 IST: OUT! Hazlewood removes Mukund for 16. Mukund has to walk back! Josh bowls it just around off, comes in a touch, Mukund’s weight is back and hangs his bat out for it. He has played down the wrong line and is bowled. The off stump goes for the walk and Josh is pumped up. Mukund can stare all he want but he has to depart. Australia have began in superb fashion. IND 189 & 39/1, trail AUS (276) by 48 runs. Cheteshwar Pujara will bat at number 3 for India.12.10 IST: The players are back in the middle for the post-lunch session. KL Rahul and Abhinav Mukund will want to continue from where they left for India.11.50 IST: Australia on the other hand, would have loved a wicket or two. The new ball bowlers sprayed it around a bit and they may feel India got off to a bit of a flier given the conditions. They though will back their plans, which have come off superbly so far in the series. A vital session to follow, promises to be an exciting one. Join us in a while for it.11.40 IST: India finally manage to take a session back. They first bundled out the Australians this morning, giving away only 39 runs. The Indian openers in KL Rahul and Abhinav Mukund then batted with a lot of positive intent. There were quick singles and an intent to put the bad balls away. India have not had a good opening stand in recent times and the start should please them to say the least. They are still 49 runs away from parity and will aim to wipe it out without losing any wicket if possible. Time is not an issue on this wicket yet.11.30 IST: India (189 & 38/0), trail Australia (276) by 49 runs at lunch. KL Rahul 20*, Abhinav Mukund 16*#TeamIndia go into lunch on Day 3 with 38/0 on the board. Trail Australia (276) by 49 runs #INDvAUS BCCI (@BCCI) March 6, 201711.22 IST: SIX! Mukund gets a top edge but the ball travels over the fence. Interestingly, this is Mukund’s first six in Test cricket. IND 189 & 34/0, trail by 53 runs11.14 IST: Nathan Lyon introduced into the attack. Indians having an unofficial drinks break.11.03 IST: FOUR! Good shot! Full delivery angled into the pads, Mukund puts his weight forward and elegantly clips it through the mid-wicket region for a boundary. That was pierced through the gap. IND 189 & 19/0, trail by 68 runs10.58 IST: FOUR! Top shot! Full in the line of the stumps, Rahul just stays in his crease and pushes it straight down the ground as he shows the full face of the bat. The ball races away towards the fence through the mid on region. IND 189 & 14/0, trail by 73 runs10.55 IST: Josh Hazlewood to bowl from the other end.10.54 IST: FOUR! Sprayed on the pads, Rahul clips it fine down the leg side for a boundary. That’s the first for the day. Easy pickings for Rahul! IND 189 & 7/0, trail by 80 runs10.52 IST: Loud shout for LBW! Length delivery angling into the stumps, Rahul gets an inside edge onto his pads. The players appeal but the umpire stays put. Good decision by the umpire as replays show that there was a thick inside edge.10.48 IST: Indian openers KL Rahul and Abhinav Mukund are out in the middle. Mitchell Starc to start the proceedings for Australia.AUSTRALIA 1st INNINGS: 10.42 IST: Matthew Wade and Mitchell Starc then frustrated the Indians with a 49-run stand but once Ashwin got rid of the former, Jadeja ran through the Australian batting line-up taking 6/63. The Indians will be happy that they did not let the lead inflate much but will acknowledge that they could have done much better with some smart captaincy. All of them bar Jadeja bowled a lot of overs but the left-arm spinner rocked the visitors the most. They now have to bat better to stay in the game. A big second innings for them, stay tuned for their reply.10.40 IST: Australia began well and every batsman batted with patience for them as they stuck to their plans and batted not just time but also put up a good total on the board. Warner and Smith fell early but the pair of Renshaw and Marsh steadied the visitors. Both of them got out after getting to their fifties but Australia had done the hard work by then.10.40 IST: Now that was a quick finish! Ravindra Jadeja has run through the Australian lower order and it should hurt Virat Kohli a touch that he did not bring him on just because of the presence of the left-handed batsman. Australia have a got a handy lead of 87 runs which could really be huge on this surface.Innings break! Australia all out for 276, lead India (189) by 87 runs #INDvAUS BCCI (@BCCI) March 6, 201710.38 IST: OUT! Jadeja strikes again! Floated delivery outside off, Hazlewood stays in his crease and goes for a slog sweep. He does not time it well and the ball balloons towards the fielder at long on. Rahul makes no mistake there as he pouches it safely and sends the last batsman back in the hut. AUSTRALIA ARE BOWLED OUT FOR 276.10.30 IST: OUT! Jadeja takes two in two, Lyon goes for 0. Golden duck for Lyon! Fired in full from Jadeja, Lyon tries to sweep at it but he is totally beaten by it as the ball goes and hits the pads. The players appeal and the umpire is quick to raise his finger up. Lyon goes upstairs to review the decision. The replays show that the there was no bat involved and then the Ball Tracker is called for. The ball was pitched on the line of off stump, impact was in line and it surely was hitting. That’s just plumb and the umpire’s decision stands. Jadeja gets his 7th fifer and Australia have only one wicket left. AUS 274/9, lead by 85 runs 10.25 IST: OUT! Jadeja removes Wade for 40. Wade reviews in vain. Floats it around off, Wade gets forward to defend but misses and is rapped on the pads. The players appeal and the umpire gives it in favour of the bowler. Wade goes for the review immediately. Replays confirm there was no bat there and Ball Tracker shows the ball was in-line and hitting the stumps. Jadeja takes a wicket of the left-handed batsman, that should surprise the Indian skipper, shouldn’t it? He has taken four here. AUS 274/8, lead by 85 runs 10.18 IST: OUT! Ashwin removes Starc for 26. Starc holes out! Floats it on middle, Starc goes for the slog sweep. He does not connect well and Jadeja at deep mid-wicket looks to get under it. The ball is a touch high, he leaps up and takes it safely, keeps his balance to not touch the ropes. A vital wicket for India. The 49-run stand comes to an end. AUS 269/7, lead by 80 runs. Steve O’Keefe walks out in the middle.10.16 IST: NOT OUT! Well done, Starc! Ashwin lands it outside off on a length, Starc stays back to cut it through but misses. The keeper collects and appeals, the umpire obliges but Starc goes for the review immediately. Starc went down a touch and suggested that he did not hit it. Replays show the ball made no contact with the bat and Starc was right too.10.12 IST: FOUR! Top shot! Wade comes down, Jadeja spots it and fires it wide. Wade though still manages to get it through mid off for a boundary. Superb shot from the southpaw.10.05 IST: Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack.9.58 IST: FOUR! Edged! Pitched up outside off, Wade goes for the drive. The ball goes off the outside edge towards third man. Pujara comes across from deep point, dives but cannot stop the ball from going through. 250 up for Australia.9.46 IST: Ishant Sharma goes over the wicket.9.36 IST: Four Byes! Through the legs, twice! This one lands outside leg, Starc cannot put bat to ball and the ball goes through the keeper as well and runs into the fence for a boundary. Saha was going to his right and missed it too. AUS 242/6, lead by 53 runs9.30 IST: The players are out in the middle. Mitchell Starc and Matthew Wade are the two batsmen out for Australia. Their approach today will be key. Will they attack or take their time and tire the Indians down? Ishant Sharma to run in first up today. Two slips in place for him. Here we go.Let’s play! #INDvAUS (@CricketAus) March 6, 20179.20 IST: Weather slightly different this morning in Bengaluru. It is overcast with no signs of Sun. However, there’s nothing threatening at the moment.Nice and overcast. Wouldn’t mind rolling your arm over skipper? #TeamIndia #INDvAUS @Paytm Test cricket BCCI (@BCCI) March 6, 20179.15 IST: Pitch Report: Sunil Gavaskar feels that the pitch has started to misbehave and the cracks are opening up. Brett Lee feels the pitch seems divided into two halves and Ishant Sharma used an area around the good length to make life difficult. Gavaskar ends by saying that India need to restrict the opposition under 120 to get back in the game as it will be really difficult to score 250 runs on this wicket.Plenty of attention around the day three pitch #INDvAUS (@CricketAus) March 6, 20179.10 IST: The Australians scored only 197 runs yesterday but batted the day out with grit and determination. The hard work means they right now lead by 48 runs and will be itching to make it as big as possible as batting will only get tougher. India have to take the remaining four wickets quickly to stand a chance of getting back in the game with a better performance with the bat, next time around. Promises to be an interesting day. Stay tuned for all the action.9.00 IST: The hosts are trailing the game, thanks to their dismal first innings performance and are now staring at a historical comeback. Yes, they had a good day but Australia still managed to lose only six wickets which means more work for the already tiring Indian bowlers.Brief Day 2 Report: Shaun Marsh and Matt Renshaw struck half-centuries on an engrossing day of cricket to help Australia take a first-innings lead of 48 against India in the second Test at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium on Sunday.After resuming the second day on 40/0, the touring side reached 237 for six at stumps against India, who were bundled out for 189 in their first innings on Saturday.Wicketkeeper batsman Matthew Wade was unbeaten on 25 with Mitchell Starc 14 not out at the other end. (Read Full Day 2 Report)last_img read more