, I know a webmaster, his promotion is very simple, is to use blog promotion, but AdSense and other different point is that he really is to stick to write original, insist that every update. Persist for 2 months, a keyword index of 30 thousand and 5 he optimized, so behoove went to the first page.


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many webmaster complain that Shanghai dragon is difficult, but you ask myself every day you have according to the methods of other people do? Content is king, the chain for the emperor’s slogan is sure everyone knows. But really do how many people? You say you are updated every day, you are really pure manual release original article? You said you sent every day the chain, you really are in terms of quantity and quality issued the plan of the chain? Maybe you are done now, but you can stay a month, a year to read more

mentioned in many webmaster to hide the H1 tag will be search engine that is cheating behavior in doubt. The author’s point of view is not considered cheating. For this we can take a look at the domestic famous website "NetEase" page code. As shown in figure


page code found in the NetEase of H1 tags in CSS style, the H1 tag is hidden. While Shanghai has 8 NetEase love weight, we can think of this hidden H1 tag does not affect the site of the Shanghai dragon. read more