in order to make more accurate knowledge, love Shanghai will know the content extraction, upgrade to love the experience of Shanghai special content. Before the love Shanghai encyclopedia, library, new knowledge, and.

Shanghai index on love, love the experience of Shanghai famous brand even later love Shanghai travel far, do not know to love, than the Shanghai encyclopedia. Why

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two years, love the experience of Shanghai recruiting, mining content in the ordinary users through activities. In order to improve the quality of the content, but also in order to maintain their own brands, love the experience of Shanghai has cooperated with celebrities, technical experts set up a think-tank, with the cooperation of many content station. Now, love the experience of Shanghai already has nearly 50 thousand users, 500 thousand, more than 300 tanks, 200 cooperation mechanism. It all looked so beautiful. read more

returned to the subject, in the group chat today’s people have asked about the relationship between the website program and Shanghai dragon ranking, this opportunity to talk about. Now if A and B two sites, two sites are using the same new domain name suffix, and update the same content at the same time, only two sites using different procedures, what will be the result. Some people have long suspected that the website program will affect the ranking, recommend the use of certain procedures, and lists some indefinitely reasons, this argument is really trusted you. read more

this is a kind of method, is also a collection site. Now the webmaster basic do this stand more. According to the collection station, the first content must be able to read, do not use the kind of station group software generated article this station complaints specified feathers, then template to be beautiful, not beautiful but even if can see the past the eye is not a garbage station feeling, love Shanghai every day to deal with the complaints from the engineer can’t imagine, they haven’t the patience to savor your website, so the first impression is very important. read more


a lot of people in the content of the article are love again inside artificially add many useless description text links, so as to achieve the weight to the station link transfer benefits, but he was not considered, his behavior is really effective? So here to share with you a I have seen the station of a company. What industry here is not revealed, only the case to explain, down right after she told me already, she said to me every day in the update, the chain is to keep up with the server access are considered normal. Just do not know what causes the website started right down. Listen to her on the site after the introduction, Shenzhen website optimization team began on the site were analyzed, and obtained the following results. read more


2, the end of November 2011, saw some break site can sell more than 1000 dollars, so have to get the site to sell after the idea of living.

after tossing nearly two months, as of 2>

love Shanghai included the number, ranking is in front, is every webmaster are most concerned about. But for many webmaster, it is not as willing heart, love of Shanghai is not included in your site is included only home page, so many people were confused. Here, I talk about love with examples, Shanghai not included the causes and Countermeasures of the website. read more


website keyword value, are reflected in the user search volume, the strength of the above. The first step is to start from here. We choose keywords but also several methods, love Shanghai index, Google index and webmaster query tool, but the query tool is to provide us with convenience, and does not directly bring effect. We must analyze the keyword search users, analyze their preferences, the degree of competition, by the heat, so as to find out a valuable keywords appreciation of space. read more

< option value= > "Marketing/PR" marketing / PR < /option>

sample: the visitors assigned the page to "marketing / PR" groups, in this case, the page visitors all access will be allocated to the "marketing / PR group. Call way:

In addition to the report view custom visitor groupsIn the "

< option value= "General Management >"; < /option>

, a group of visitors to set custom

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__utmSetVar ("Marketing/PR"); read more

through the first competitor analysis to quickly realize the specific details of the operation of the website ranking.

understand this truth, we will think we are transposed, the opponent is not much, and as we came in several other sites before the three page, as long as we can squeeze out of these sites, we can natural talent shows itself we should do that? I think we should choose some of the standard, is the top few the name of these sites, to optimize the user experience, the user experience first, doing enough to outperform these sites, Shanghai have what reason not to love us in the front row? As long as we experience good site high quality no doubt than the top three users of our website can get love Shanghai’s favor, you can in the first row, well below the author explains, through the analysis of competitors to achieve fast home site ranking points details. read more

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3, service quality: because of the strength of the service provider, may lead to instability of the CDN system, but have a negative impact on

2, enhance site security: the hidden real website IP, IP server attack and defense against a variety of detection scan, avoid being black

4, a local website without CDN: only part of the site to serve the local, as long as the room is also locally, without the use of CDN

2 Cache: cache data to the old characteristics of CDN, resulting in some areas may not update synchronization; read more


site links, check for broken links. After the completion of the construction site, we need to conduct a review of the entire site, check the link is correct, chain inspection tools best tool chinaz.

. Insist for a long time, generally adhere to the chain of about 2 months in Shanghai included the best love for more than 1500 of the chain, how do I do not say in detail! I believe we have been desperately familiar, in fact, I usually use in a stupid way in the chain. Every day I go to observe the industry website ranked outside the chain of the site before, and then put these together into the website collect chain. Generally speaking, in the first five pages of the chain belong to weight is high, these should arouse our attention, our own station also need to try to see if you can leave your links on these sites. read more