hot summer weather, a lot of people rarely go out during the day, are cool in the evening and then go out to buy things. Summer stall, but also a good choice for your business. Of course, consumers want to sell products to sell, but consumers like what products?

multifunctional dry cleaning

is very suitable for the early entrepreneurs, multifunctional dry cleaning can remove oil, clothes stains, stains, pen pen stains, chewing gum stains, as long as the spray brush can wipe clean, reduce the number on the laundry, by the majority of white-collar elite praise; can save money for consumers, operators profit good baby; any family and age levels are available. Initial investment is only a few hundred thousand dollars, in order to stall promotions or home sales approach, gross margin can reach 70%~85%, the product life cycle is very long. read more

believe that many webmaster have such problems, you write the text is always bad comment. In fact, I often encounter this situation, not easy to spend one or two hours to write out the soft Wen, people not only appreciate, but you don’t have motives, even abuse. Being criticized for a lot of evil, I began to reflect on my words, where annoying, summed up the reasons for, probably the following:

1. article appears in the web site, as long as it is in the text of the web site, there must be a bad review. read more

now buy network code is everywhere, and find a code to do a group buying network, is simple, can no longer be a simple matter, but how to do a good buy network operation,


my understanding of the types of shopping networks:

A: around the consumer nature, comment nets, handle nets, QQ group such sites.

B: professional vertical group buying nature, 36 group,


C: target is not clearly positioned.. That’s a lot.

above, that is, the estimated results have been, it is inevitable omissions, but also ask you to see the amount of webmaster. read more

reason: readability is not high,

perhaps you might wonder: what does a project manager know about product capabilities? Have you got enough to eat? That’s what the product manager should do. In many Tencent project manager are in fierce competition and rapid changes in the environment of Internet products, we can clearly feel the Internet environment to participate in each product capacity requirements, this is a "everyone is a product manager of the environment, this is more of a" product oriented "environment. As an important role of project manager, project manager needs to meet the requirement of Internet product environment. read more

saw the TV play "Long March" a while ago, and was deeply impressed by the dauntless revolutionary spirit of the workers and peasants, the Red Army and the Communist party. My red army can win the Long March, relying on superior courage and strategy. The valuable experience gained by the long march is also of great significance to the present production and life. Below I from the long march summed up the entrepreneurial site of the nine breakout method

one, stick to it.

, the long march from 1934 to 1936, is a miracle in human history. In two years time, the Red Army was fourteen, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of enemy breakthrough blockade, sing the strategic shift to triumph, is the human history of modern wars, mortals wrote heroic epic. I overcame numerous difficulties of the Red Army, insisted in the end, I keep the final of the Red Army for effective strength, the victory of the Anti Japanese War and the liberation of the whole country has made a great contribution. read more

today, take my popular slim weight web as an example of what a web site should do best.

one, content chapter

construction content, good content, fine content, identify the content, understand the readers into the website to see what, to find out the psychology of the readers, they are looking for what’s coming is to find (with what medicine to lose weight fast, good effect and come? Or to learn more about weight loss. And to pave the way on the road) to lose weight in the need to understand the psychology of the readers need to communicate with readers. Therefore, there is a need to build a weight loss group so that people can interact with each other so as to further understand the readers’ psychology. After understanding, revise, correct, and pay more attention to what the reader needs. Content is the kingly way of the website, the content that the website releases is good and bad, direct influence reader goes and stay. To do this, we need to find readers to publish content. What they send will be what many people need to look for. Because we are not fat, don’t need to lose weight, because of this, we will not do well, we have released the contents are very popular, a lot of content is what readers need to publish, I think you don’t need to omit, this is not enough. How can we interact with our readers? How can we enliven the people in the group? That’s a problem. You need to have good communication skills and affinity. To do the communication and communication tasks of our readers, we can allow members to contribute freely. We review and publish them on the website. read more

Spring Festival is coming, here I first to everyone worship early years, I wish you all a lot of Baidu site every day, ranked first.

entered, we all know that the last two years, the major Internet giants have started the expansion of the road, have basic personal living space to squeeze about, for example: Baidu Library of books, novels, download websites impact, 58 city classified information giant national expansion, several the portal refinement strategy and so on, are deep pockets of money, our individual owners can only stand. It’s also one of the most important factors for the rise of local portals in recent times. read more

love net ( November 18th news, after the Jingdong and 360 other Internet Co to buy expensive domain name, more and more enterprises realize the value of the domain name for terminal. It’s not uncommon for enterprise terminals to buy premium domain names, but a domain name transaction is buying a domain name.

recently, the city of Xiamen properly Online Network Technology Co., Ltd. spent about one million to buy a domain name, rare is not the purchase price. Let the media attention, the acquisition of the domain name do not too valuable, because it had "notorious repute and misdeeds" read more

, my Ohmynews, is the most famous online news media in Korea, created by Wu Lianhao in February 22, 2000. (OMN). At the beginning of the website, only more than 700 "citizen reporter" (Citizen Journalist) for its writing. But now, the number of public journalists has reached more than 4 people, OMN’s average daily visits to 2 million people, the average daily rate of hits is 19 million 100 thousand. Given the country’s population of less than 50 million, the visit has been quite remarkable. From 2000 to 2005, OMN continued to enter the top ten of South Korea’s most influential media, selected by South Korea’s current affairs magazine. It was the only Internet media to enter the top ten, of which sixth came in 2005. Reading the development model of OMN, especially its advocacy and insistence on citizen journalism, has a lot of experience and inspiration for the operation of news websites in china. read more

08 years in February to do a mini station website pictures are a collection of my own making upload, this update after two months, the Baidu website (QQ USB, QQ flash) keywords row to the top five, the row so quickly may be the key the word is not popular because of the program is written in JSP, a total of only included the 14 pages, from Baidu over there are more than 2000 PV, website traffic with the help of friends, IP also rose to about 4000, so the application of advertisement of the mom, the day also has an income of 5.6 yuan, update this time I do not stop, traffic Rose. read more