Love Shanghai snapshot of stagnation effect on Shanghai Longfeng and solving method

this is a kind of method, is also a collection site. Now the webmaster basic do this stand more. According to the collection station, the first content must be able to read, do not use the kind of station group software generated article this station complaints specified feathers, then template to be beautiful, not beautiful but even if can see the past the eye is not a garbage station feeling, love Shanghai every day to deal with the complaints from the engineer can’t imagine, they haven’t the patience to savor your website, so the first impression is very important.

4, and the server space. If the problem often spider crawling to your site is found not open after a few.

The safety and stability of

3, friends of the chain, first check the chain have been search engine punishment, as well as close or open, or by the other down connection, the new general people will not exchange links, appropriate buy link is possible, will not be punished, not a time to buy dozens of hundreds of so, one day up consequence is the next update hair you got. Buy links as far as possible to buy the next snapshot or a snapshot of the day. Exchange chain also try to exchange the same types of links.

search engine snapshot stagnation means that trust the search engine on the web site. The relative low degree of weight is not high. Especially love Shanghai, love Shanghai is a very important index to test a site weight, Shanghai love think your site is very important, the content of the new day or the day will be a snapshot in the new means, the weight of the website will be relatively high or very high, included in the site will be faster, especially the original content, the second is also possible. Now the domestic Google because of various problems the number of users is less, even there is little concern about Google optimization engine. So only the following several updates fall in love with the fire protection law of sea weight. How to make love Shanghai think your site is very important, or let the search engine that users really need your website.

2, the content, whether it is plagiarism or acquisition, please don’t try to modify some, wholly intact, even if the collector will have this option. As far as possible or engage in original and pseudo original.

1, this is a kind of method, the most direct and simple snapshot complaints. Complaints center is the main function of the degree of acceptance from Shanghai love web search delete, update snapshot and other issues, whether it is normal station or acquisition station can be used, there are so few techniques, the original station is simple. Enter your site in the search engine, and then click 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝 love Shanghai snapshot. In the upper right corner there will be complaints website, engineers will deal with this update can apply for a few hours of general snapshot love Shanghai love Shanghai, some sincere in the description of writing, such as "love Shanghai engineer hello, my site xxx贵族宝贝 I do not know what the reason the snapshot is not updated, or be punished, but my site is no violation of the original, there are loyal users, hoping to help restore the site, thank you very much for"


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