How to do well in the station anchor text links


a lot of people in the content of the article are love again inside artificially add many useless description text links, so as to achieve the weight to the station link transfer benefits, but he was not considered, his behavior is really effective? So here to share with you a I have seen the station of a company. What industry here is not revealed, only the case to explain, down right after she told me already, she said to me every day in the update, the chain is to keep up with the server access are considered normal. Just do not know what causes the website started right down. Listen to her on the site after the introduction, Shenzhen website optimization team began on the site were analyzed, and obtained the following results.

three) deliberately increase the anchor text links: for example, in the beginning, the end of deliberately add many keywords, keyword position above the middle of the post show less or no, this is not the correct approach, optimization suggestions: the first rectification within 120 words can appropriate keywords, but not need to impose in, in accordance with the content demand related keywords should also be the contents of the article, rather than at the beginning of the end on, because we edit each piece of content is for the user, rather than simply for the optimization and more new.

) website content page outbound links too much weight, a content page is too high to share links to go, the proposed modification, delete the web page content of unnecessary links, the enterprise website content was limited, the link is added to each page you have too much.

editor’s note: if you find your own website also appeared in this situation according to the analysis of the above website? If there is a word then to revise your article, so as not to be down right after, only to deal with, then The loss outweighs the gain.

This article from the Shenzhen

two) link anchor text contents, although she every day to update the article, but a word she updated article basically around the theme to do, put forward the relevant suggestions of Shenzhen website construction: anchor text link optimization type website, we try to use the link, and optimize the key related words such as core introduction: the construction site of the page, not only the construction site as the core keywords as the link, should use various forms of "web services", "Web" etc. keywords for the anchor text chain, which can avoid the web site search engine optimization excessive processing.

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four) is not related to the content of anchor text and text description page: if you do a content page is more reasonable, but you don’t text pages, will also increase the bounce rate. If you do draw text in the content page is a "price" of Shenzhen company website but you page is a website to optimize the training fees "so you think this page will have many people to leave


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