Love Shanghai not included the causes and Countermeasures of the website


2, the end of November 2011, saw some break site can sell more than 1000 dollars, so have to get the site to sell after the idea of living.

after tossing nearly two months, as of 2>

love Shanghai included the number, ranking is in front, is every webmaster are most concerned about. But for many webmaster, it is not as willing heart, love of Shanghai is not included in your site is included only home page, so many people were confused. Here, I talk about love with examples, Shanghai not included the causes and Countermeasures of the website.

Before the beginning of the

, the basic development situation about this blog.

two is a combination of love in Shanghai included, published under the personal dissatisfaction with a few so-called Shanghai Longfeng experts.

here to get in a word, almost all the many non professional people is the first site, the application domain are in such a toss, something like this, while inflicted, while change the web site name, and then change into other content. In some, Xu is able to understand, because I was so over, ha ha, but your name may be down the right to love Shanghai. So, some people again apply, again, but come, the end has not completed a decent website. Here, Xu suggested that the toss is not terrible, but you have to toss out some experience and experience, then start building a new website. Not a novice, to be able to start building a special satisfaction website.

!Considering the current

is helping those who don’t love Shanghai included sites fundamentally find the reason and find a solution.

a lot of people are using WordPress to establish personal blog site, I combine a blog to analyze their love Shanghai not included causes and how to optimize the site, hoping to inspire the website you friend. For the convenience of understanding, not as much as possible terms, but only some easy to understand manner.

website design is built by Bo WordPress, put some non original emotional articles, mainly on account of these articles nothing technical, but also easy to copy and paste, haha.

1, a blog called ***贵族宝贝, registered in January 2010. In use, built a lot of standing, also has the garbage station. The popular site program used, had also made guest forum, Taobao. Successful application of Google Alliance (now K), also successfully applied for love Shanghai alliance. In short, less than two years, the domain name cruelly toss. As of November 2011, the website included Google included Shanghai and love are zero, PR value is zero. Can be said to be a free people are not to the domain name.

three is to improve the popularity of blog Laoxu, lead flow,

the purpose of writing this article, there are three main:


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