How to go home through the analysis of competitors quickly realize website ranking

through the first competitor analysis to quickly realize the specific details of the operation of the website ranking.

understand this truth, we will think we are transposed, the opponent is not much, and as we came in several other sites before the three page, as long as we can squeeze out of these sites, we can natural talent shows itself we should do that? I think we should choose some of the standard, is the top few the name of these sites, to optimize the user experience, the user experience first, doing enough to outperform these sites, Shanghai have what reason not to love us in the front row? As long as we experience good site high quality no doubt than the top three users of our website can get love Shanghai’s favor, you can in the first row, well below the author explains, through the analysis of competitors to achieve fast home site ranking points details.

third, detailed Luo >

as everyone knows, we are now in the process of website optimization optimization that is becoming more and more difficult, in fact it is mainly due to the continuous infiltration of competitors and peer lead optimization keywords ranking become extremely fierce, in this case, how to make our website quickly achieve ranking, first we look at some place in the side of the case. If you have been concerned about the The Voice of China is not difficult to find you, and you really is not the competition of celebrities, the other players just like you stand in the good voice on the platform, if you can PK them then you are the best Chinese voice.

second, a careful analysis in love Shanghai home three website. After the analysis of the needs of site users, we will carefully back to combined with the analysis of our data, see the original top three website first mentioned we have to meet the user demand explicit or hidden web page layout is? Conducive to the website user experience, here I want to remind you that any increase in user time cost of things we will not be reflected in the website. The purpose of the analysis is very simple, is to find your opponent’s weakness, understand the core needs of users is not enough, but also the analysis of competitors do deficiencies we want reasonable planning and make up.

first, through a variety of data and on the competition website detailed analysis of user needs to do. When adjusting the layout of the web page or we do not assume, should refer to all aspects of the comprehensive data for the site user demand analysis, mainly in the analysis of competition on the website, column division, data layout and picture case what they do, love love Shanghai Shanghai index and search analysis, through website background keyword analysis to understand what is most concerned about the user’s information needs analysis? We should synthetically consider all kinds of data, as long as it is related to all the details of the user experience must be carefully analyzed and taken into account, through comprehensive analysis, we will most users as the core points of concern are classified and summed up, making a rough sketch of the site layout the.


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