The official explanation the effect of CDN on the website in search engine

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3, service quality: because of the strength of the service provider, may lead to instability of the CDN system, but have a negative impact on

2, enhance site security: the hidden real website IP, IP server attack and defense against a variety of detection scan, avoid being black


4, a local website without CDN: only part of the site to serve the local, as long as the room is also locally, without the use of CDN

2 Cache: cache data to the old characteristics of CDN, resulting in some areas may not update synchronization;


engineers in Shanghai were related to consultation, there are two major factors:

CDN enables users to obtain the required contents of the nearest Internet, solve the network congestion and improve the response speed of the user access to the site. So what is the impact on the search engine


1, grab the data decline: diversity of CDN IP, part of IP may not be friendly to the spider;

recently launched a community platform on the site is the discussion of CDN, 77.43% of users believe that should be used, but some users in the tangled if CDN is used for the search engine does not adversely affect. Institute of Shanghai spider working principle of combination of love and love of Shanghai engineers suggested that the consolidation, webmaster learning:

3, enhance the site stability: CDN IP all over the country, if the problems of local area network, will not affect the search engines

] Affirmative view

1, improve website loading speed: CDN open speed by caching technology to enhance the website, facilitate the spider crawling and crawling

?First we look at the

is a part of the CDN service providers and hardware investment is not enough, often lead to instability, "

both sides point of view, all disputes mainly in the CDN IP entrance and cache mechanism will not be on the search engines, website ranking adverse effects.

4: CDN, enhance the user experience of the site to enhance the user’s experience also has

] fanfangguandian


user community views

open, some of the rankings

from the search perspective: Baiduspider capture mechanism on the site to grab and common user access, as long as the ordinary user can access to the content, we will be able to grab. No matter what, as long as you can ensure that users can smooth access to the web site, there is no impact on the search engine. The cache technology to enhance the opening speed and user experience, this is the love of Shanghai search engine has been advocated, so why still have a negative impact on some websites using CDN after the.



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