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36 drops of krypton that innovation in the foundation to enhance the site carpool carpooling experience, will also open a new situation for car popularization, especially living in the satellite city of a large community of the younger generation will think more about whether you need Car Buying. From the well-known Consultancy Capgemini latest research report shows: Network about cars and car services are available and Car Buying car model subversive impact. 34%, consumers believe that mobile travel services can be used instead of raising cars, while 56% of consumers believe that mobile services can supplement the purchase of cars.

is worth mentioning is that the site to further optimize the travel carpool path planning, ensure the way vehicles need not turn spliced friends, help passengers reduced due to the way people carpool detour mileage, improve travel efficiency, increase the driver salary. During the test run data show that, compared with the previous site carpool, carpooling can reduce the average mileage 30% detour.

network market this piece of cake is very big, but there have been countless good and bad companies in the snatch, the competition is very fierce. And the general company to do, that is, in accordance with the requirements, to provide customers with a reasonable layout of the site can. Yang Fan felt that their company is small, what to rely on to fight with other companies? Yang Fan and his companions have been thinking about this problem, the problem is not solved, they think of many companies in the breakout success is unlikely.

started technology last year

Yang Fanxue is e-commerce, and is biased in the direction of technology, before sophomore, he did not have any network technology foundation. Not long after he became interested in the Internet from sophomore, he organized a bunch of alumni, opened a studio, and worked on software development. He admitted that he was just an organizer and coordinator. Technically, he was not the most powerful, nor was he the most powerful in marketing, but there were formidable people in their teams. He has the advantage of being sensitive to business and thinking about what he will do.

is a typical example of city sharing trip. Carpooling is an effective way to solve the problem of urban congestion. Bit side said, since 2015 so far, Didi has been optimizing carpooling products, through the application of new technologies continue to help cities share travel construction and development. This spring, drops first proposed and tried in Beijing, "carpool priority to send a single" strategy, easing the Qingming small holiday during the brisk travel demand pressure, improve the peak period of the taxi success rate.

schools support their studios and provide free venues for school websites. Teachers and students know what projects they will recommend. At that time, among the students, the studio income is good, at most when a project can earn more than 10 thousand yuan, Yang Fan from the beginning of the third can afford their own living expenses.

drops site carpooling biggest highlight is the technology application, it is understood that the site carpool introduced intelligent site recommended. After passengers choose the site carpool, the system will be based on walking distance, time, road and other dimensions, calculate the vicinity of 3-5 suitable for the car site, and recommend a best site. Passengers passengers, after the issue, both sides should arrive at the site within the length. The length of each order limit is different based on site location, real-time traffic conditions and other factors.


Yang Fan is a University of Electronic Science and technology of Zhongshan college graduates in 2007, starting from the second half, he organized the 5 have the same skills and interests of alumni, opened a software development studio, to the school and enterprise website. Although he had worked in a network company for half a year after graduation, the studio had always existed, just changing its staff and turning into a limited company in July 2008.

current issue: Yang Fan direction: software development,

site carpooling will help the city to improve the travel efficiency of more specific scenarios. In concert, the football crowd gather short-term scenarios, site in improving the success rate of carpool taxi passengers at the same time, can also help the rapid evacuation, to alleviate traffic congestion near the stadium. In addition, intelligent sites based on artificial intelligence algorithms can provide effective suggestions for the planning of large and complex complexes, and improve the efficiency of vehicle flow around the complex.

young people are better off in terms of energy and creativity, they think, since other companies offer >

After graduating from

, Yang Fan, like everyone else, got a job and worked in an Internet company. Other people in the studio went to work in other provinces and continued to go to school. There were 3 people left behind. He knows that going to the company is just a transition, knowing that the company’s operations will not last long. Six months later, he brought a new studio with his former half team and his new members. His goal is clear: to open an Internet company. By July 2008, the studio was registered as Boone networks. When it comes to the name of Boone, Yang Fan also spent a lot of thought, not only easy to remember, and Westernization feeling, similar domain name have not been registered. Fortunately, early registration, relatively smooth.

spends half a year researching and developing "website supermarket" system


recently, 36 krypton learned from drops, drops fast carpool has been upgraded to "site carpooling."". Currently, the Beijing area express carpool has been upgraded to site carpooling. Users download, update to the latest version of the drop trip APP, you can use and experience in the express interface. Bits and pieces said that in the future, drops will be based on market feedback, and gradually in other cities to promote "site carpooling."".

at school to do a project, can earn more than 10000 yuan


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