Teach you how to do health within the chain in the blog post

, a blog connection (added mass tools do not use

what time add internal links, of course, has its own purpose, such as to old post to grab, but the most important considerations or the convenience of the reader to see previous posts, to find more relevant information. So my post would have "said that before," click here "words like as a link. It is nothing but want to let readers easily click on the past, see exactly what you said before.

is very old and very stupid to find their own blog posts before URL, and then write post added. I do love is usually the more stupid way. The characteristics of each person is different, I hope to do, do one step at a time. Slowly stupid never mind, but one is one, and don’t have a change a domain name, start again.



two, the user experience should be preferred

appeared to be associated with the Shanghai dragon words in the article, whether they write a related post, of course he is very clear. As long as the related articles written before, will naturally think of past links.

(for example) my personal experience

there are many times more than a related articles, I usually search this word in the noble baby, see his article in the front row, is the link to this article to put this article onto ranked first. Such as external links, 301 turn, link bait, these words are to do so. < >

in the external links, others link up, or blog page, or the page, but also very few people will be linked to the blog page, we can only rely on their own internal links to try. At the mention of the two words, as long as don’t recruit readers bored, try to add internal links.

I have two stations, a gambling website, one is Shanghai dragon website optimization. Although my blog is to Shanghai dragon, but you can feel, I am trying to gambling sites and Shanghai dragon optimization topic expansion. These two words and I hope to be able to improve the ranking. These two words in the blog is just a column. If the domain name from the root directory of the date, is relatively deep directory, weight and other special about these two aspects of the site can’t compare.

I remember a lot of mass software, can automatically detect specific keywords, and to specify these keywords and links. But as you can imagine, this method could not be natural.

three, Shanghai dragon relevant keywords

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice asked, internal links to my blog posts with is how to get it? I also found some friends of my blog articles ranking is good, thanks to the internal link on my blog. I think this is one of the reasons. Today we explain how I usually add internal links in the blog post.


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