Shanghai dragon new blood sharing experience do four aspects should pay attention to the Shanghai Dr

keyword on the development and the future of a web site also played a crucial role in our choice, should try to choose their own love and to do, this can be our choice of keywords, also can let us full of fighting spirit and passion, a good keyword it will take tens of thousands or even millions of one hundred thousand of the amount collected for us.

The selection and analysis of the Two, After the

program and structure

but if we blindly to write original, it is "in Lu Xun" will have the ink enough for one day. Therefore, the appropriate pseudo original is understandable. However, pseudo original is not simply to find a text to replace the words, for a few paragraphs. So simple.

, a key

each person to do anything there for the first time, Shanghai dragon is the same. Every master Shanghai dragon by a first rookie through continuous learning to. A Shanghai Longfeng novice, often starting from what should be in place, should pay attention to such a situation where the confusion and so on. For a novice to do Shanghai Longfeng need attention, I mainly summarized the following aspects, I hope to help you after work:


"content is king" this is the website of Shanghai dragon a constant truth, Shanghai Longfeng forum also repeatedly asked the original this is the reason that power is a lifeline of the development of original website. Here is not to say that the pseudo original will fail, but in the original search engine is always a priority.

website of the preparatory work done, we have to select a web site program, here if you do is portal website, I personally recommend DEDE, DZ forum and so on, the novice can first set up a blog, which is beneficial to the optimization of the site later, the blog can use the WP program, now web site templates available, we can find one or two to refer to, it makes us easier.

updates The original


, we can go to buy a few of the search engine is not included in the book, and then he sent to the site can also scan, but in order to avoid trouble and disputes, we must find the book can spread, but the search engine is very powerful, you can find this book, you will see skill >

is on the web site keywords should choose good before the establishment, selection and analysis of key words is very important, this also became every Shanghai dragon first to come into contact with local workers.

and the website structure, general structure of the tree can use, because this is a kind of website structure se love. There is a need to pay attention to some details, try to reduce unnecessary things, so you can easily search spiders crawl, increase included.


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