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website optimization is divided into internal and external optimization optimization, construction and external optimization generally refers to the outside of the chain (several basic forms of learn chain). There are a lot of Shanghai dragon Er blind ignore the quality of the chain, the chain that more is better, it can enhance the ranking. In fact, this statement is not rigorous, optimization of the construction site in Shanghai Longfeng chain, the quality of the chain is a very important aspect.

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keyword ranking, not difficult to find that in fact the number and ranking of the chain and there is no direct relationship. A lot of external links to a huge number of websites do not necessarily get good rankings, while the number of external links relatively few sites may not be unable to obtain the rankings. The quality of the chain and have a great relationship (and I personally think that with the diversification of the source of the chain there is also a relationship), or how to say the chain chain 1 high weight website low 10 low weight site? We have the following several basic aspects to analysis how about the chain is a high quality of the chain:

2. link is normal.

from the site into higher weight over the link, without NoFollow and steering, weight transfer is also higher. But high weight website search engine is favored, spiders will be very frequent in the web crawling, this will increase the probability of spider climb to your site through a link. The weight and height of the web site did not need to say, including love Shanghai snapshot update frequency, PR value etc..

3. from the high weight website import links.


link is normal or not as mentioned above are added to the NoFollow tag or steering. Because the NoFllow label is a spider crawling ban follow the link attributes, so that the spider will not pass the link up to your site. And do the steering link cannot be directly transferred to the weight of your site.

hyperlink is the most fundamental sense of the realization of the two page Jump, outside chain in the initial purpose is to flow from one page to another page introduction. Although the dragon from Shanghai’s perspective, the chain is the most direct means to improve ranking. But if you can get a high traffic site outside the chain, even if the links add NoFollow tags or page turning, as long as you can from the site into the ideal flow, this is a good chain. After all, the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the ultimate goal is to get more traffic.

get traffic through the link.

content 4. outbound links site.

related to the content on your site site into the link must be more than not related links. For example, a group of IT practitioners said a weight loss website, is not credible; and several fitness coach said.

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