Huang Zumin four steps to optimize the site of small and medium sized enterprises

enterprise station optimization is a long live, eat hot tofu. Only understand the search engine grab theory, included and ranking can be greatly improved, no doubt is a shortcut to the enterprise stand optimization. For a few days is very popular keywords may slow down can be optimized to the first page of dozens of days, stable work and later, will stabilize the keywords on the home page. Love Shanghai index is relatively high, we need to analyze competitors, the chain is much advantage, or domain name registration website has advantages of long time. The PR value also does not need too much attention, love Shanghai high weight, natural spider is very frequent. For example, I have a new name for a few days, in front of the station optimization OK, just behind the updated articles, send out high quality of the chain, through the analysis of the spider crawling in the log.

describes the overview to core keywords, such as keyword density, and layout optimization are useful. If a complete description of certain words, and not like the title, after the recent observation, found that many webmaster is described by imitation written title, not knowing this written harm. Key words to control about 75, business contact to remain there, many users are not to enter the site, view the site title or description directly, feel to their own tastes will contact you directly. For the love of Shanghai keywords for optimization has no effect on what

enterprise station? How to build websites just get good rankings? These two problems that have plagued the entrepreneurs and optimize the webmaster, for a new website, for the station optimization is mainly for the enterprise. Good for the enterprise to select keywords optimization can achieve better rankings. Website optimization is also their knowledge, need all aspects of both, and planning steps performed every day. Stand for the enterprise daily updated content and construction of internal links, keywords layout is need to have experience, or not lead to excessive optimization, site is down right, the worst case is K is also very worthwhile.

specificationEach How to optimize the

. A selection of keywords, description of the

do ZhengZhan optimization has six points, good natural ranking rise, the said enterprise station how to optimize the skills and fast ways to achieve their goals.

has its own website positioning products, their products need to select keywords, the first step is optimized, and the key. Keywords selection leads directly to whether the user can search you to determine your main keywords, and optimization. For the selection of key words, need to determine the main keywords, also is the core keywords. The scope of the search after the station through love and Jinhua key words mining long tail keywords expansion main keywords, is behind the analysis using index index to determine the key words, the proposed title selected 3 keywords on the line, the brand name and the name of the company is not put in the front, so the optimization is very unfavorable.


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