Talk about how to do search engine marketing

well, the promotion, the most important thing is to have the conversion rate. What are your website worthless, not the target customers have what use? Of course not so simple to identify keywords that fix. Yesterday also mentioned. From the customer, understand how the customer search is the key. So to use relevant tools to view the search words in the website the customer into a single high rate. What words bring just >

for example, obstetrics and gynecology hospital project needs to promote a mother’s prenatal knowledge training. Combining with the above mentioned, the analysis of advertising target audience, and also a product of target audience analysis. You can extract some of the ad information need to pay attention to. The age distribution, today is 2011.12.06, now the mothers are 88 years of age born in 83 years. Advertisers will need to understand the characteristics of a typical 80, consumption concept, living standards, mental state and so on.

clear industry characteristics, specifically is to grasp what? I think it should be put in the first place should be the promotion of information analysis of the target audience, such as sex ratio, age distribution, degree distribution, occupation distribution. We can locate our promotion information level, more directly, we can extend the advertising language to write easy to grasp the idea of target audience.

combined with the target audience, a video delivery two days before micro-blog’s high degree of concern, small series can be seen from the comments of many mothers in fact related knowledge and knowledge is not too much, so the promotion of information we can refer to the properties of some knowledge to publicity, there are specific, such as you want said to attend this training for you and the children are good, perhaps some early 80 mothers have less heart, but you can not participate in the training of such publicity, which will be the loss of you and your child is not good, what what, the designated seize this part of people’s hearts the.

Identify the keywords

clear industry characteristics


yesterday in a Shanghai dragon Er group chat, because a small Mo want to know about the SEM, make up the group of infinite passion. A variety of views, all excited, all kinds of network marketing elite strength. Which talked about how to do a SEM, is very fierce, here is a summary of some. The three concept of things, common sense is a commonplace talk of an old scholar. In fact, the essence is the search engine marketing.

identify keywords, this must be discussed yesterday when one of the highest importance. That is to say that we are aware of it. Also take the above example, the "prenatal training", "prenatal note" these two words, the words are flow type. And they get the target population does have a difference. For example, you are a Shenzhen training institutions "Shenzhen prenatal training" and "prenatal training" two words that bring you traffic quality is when the first big gap.


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