Shanghai dragon play does not make money NO is not your method

since mid 2015, you can find love from Shanghai update algorithm, the role of the chain is weakened again. On the contrary, high quality content has become the most important factor affecting the website keywords ranking! And a good grasp of this factor, really had a rainy day, to change the status quo!

is, the chain also had, however, "the chain for emperor" era has ended.

? !

, what is the Shanghai dragon

search engine ranking rules are increasingly inclined to user needs as the core. And user interaction better, ranking will be more in front.

a lot of people say that Shanghai is now playing out dragon or Shanghai dragon can’t earn money, for this, I really can not agree.

, need to understand the search engine ranking algorithm, and then to adjust the site inside and outside, in order to enhance the search engine keyword ranking, attract more accurate target flow, so as to achieve the effect of publicity and profit.

know and love love Shanghai Shanghai experience is a good "bestie", Shanghai will know love itself as a search based on the interactive quizzes sharing platform, Shanghai is focused on the user experience of love "how to do" and "how to do" this kind of problem, they work very well.

so, want to make money through the Shanghai dragon, the premise is your Shanghai Dragon technology must keep pace with the times, in-depth understanding of search engine based on the algorithm, even said that the rainy day.

The ?It is the base of

two, what is the high quality content to the

this thing is to change, if you do the Shanghai dragon, thinking and methods of several years ago, must now get an utterly inadequate measure.

I give a very simple example.

and you can.

limited time, we directly get ah ha.

I think: Shanghai dragon is not out of date, play Shanghai dragon can easily make money, but you must be on the way.

high quality content is absolutely not only reflected in the degree and quality of original articles, similarly, the structure of the web site layout and so on is also very important.

speaking of high quality content, we must not strange, but, what is the high quality content? The author is here to share


here is a very crucial factor: natural search engine ranking algorithm.

and the core contents of high quality is to meet the needs of users, and users have a good interaction, namely: know, provide convenient, users need to solve the problem of the user.

now mention the Shanghai dragon, and the first reaction is: a lot of friends outside the chain.


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