10 kinds of methods to reduce the rate of jump out of the site

)!Use the navigation bar



so, if your website layout and appearance have many defects, should be combined with the positioning of your site with a design, the purpose is to create appropriate comfortable reading environment for the readers, so that readers can readily remember your site, after come back (so, timely and reasonable in the necessary position on the website put a share subscription, such as button to create more conditions for readers to visit

if you want to attract the readers to browse more pages, don’t play hide and seek the navigation bar similar to the game or the pursuit of some non mainstream effects, it will only make the reader confused. I often in some friends within the QQ space suddenly do not know because the space is mainly decide on what path to follow, the owner of the navigation bar is really too hard! This navigation bar like this will only make readers lost and lose interest in your site.

webmaster want to know when your site has a good, does not cause objectionable appearance after the reader, readers will be interested in a closer look at the content of the web site. The first impression is usually the site told this website user orientation:

like NetEase, such as Sina portal is certainly a large number of hyperlinks and intensive layout, and a clean page is likely to belong to a personal blog.

with the continuous expansion of the Internet, when the search some information more and more websites provide very similar information, so, the webmaster will find the user’s patience has decreased significantly: most of the readers from the search engine results page into a web page, a quick review (may be only a few seconds, no more said the advertising time), and then leave him again, jump out rate of 100%. This phenomenon is often quoted or reproduced for some authoritative website or blog collection station is particularly obvious, in fact, a strange website user to judge whether it is worthwhile to spend time with their own point of view, and retain customers is the key to master how to grasp the user’s psychological and whether the whole website makes the corresponding effective adjustment. Below, the author in 10 aspects to explain how to guide the user on the site for some time and how to reduce the bounce rate:

so, suggest webmaster floriferous idea to optimize your site navigation bar, make its structure clear, easy to identify, whether it is longitudinal >

(this navigation bar, you know how to find the message board)

1. website should have clear and reasonable page layout and meet the aesthetic appearance of the website

compared to other parts of the site, the navigation bar will attract the attention of the majority of users. So a clear structure of the navigation bar is one of the leading readers to other pages of essential elements.



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