Analysis how to optimize the website landing page

The figure above

Yang Zi said here Shanghai dragon just one more word, when site:www.xxxxx贵族宝贝 found some webmaster friends is not the first home page that their website is love Shanghai down the right, in fact, such a situation is likely to weight higher than the other pages of the home page, so that this is not a website whether down the right standard. Whether a site is down right to analysis of comprehensive data to judge. How to judge whether a site is down right before the Shanghai dragon Yang Zi also wrote articles < how to more accurately determine whether a site is down right? > interest webmaster friends can see, this is not too much to share, or to just talk about "landing site page of the topic.

for the optimization of a website to get more traffic only on the front page of the customs.


website "landing page" refers to the user through a keyword search engine first appeared in front of the user site entrance and through the entrance into the site and click on the website which is called the "landing page" as shown below:


comes to optimize website landing page, we must first understand what is "website landing page" only to understand this to have to have the direction to do the optimization, remember Yang Zi in Shanghai Longfeng just stepped into the bitter Shanghai Longfeng circle soon, you’ve never heard of what "landing page" in the official A5 stationmaster net QQ group and other webmaster exchange at that time did not hear what they talked about "website landing page", is behind Yang Zi Shanghai dragon in order to study the Shanghai dragon system specifically bought a few books in Shanghai dragon books, one of the most familiar is the famous ZAC compiled the "Shanghai Dragon Art" site "series, and this word is the landing page from the book of knowledge, but at the time did not understand" what is the landing page " At that time, in communication with other webmasters when Yang Zi Shanghai dragon also did not ask, but no one asked, is behind Yang Zi Shanghai Longfeng continue to optimize the process of summing up the practice, thinking only of what is called the site "landing page" see light suddenly.


is through the search keywords of "household automatic coffee machine" engine directly, when you click on the title you can directly enter the site, said here may be some webmaster friends to ask when the general keywords appear should be home ah, home to is the site of the entrance flow ah, how there will be a column channel or page page? We say there is no mistake, the weight of the home page of a website is the highest throughout the site, so the general presentation of the website traffic entrance is the home page, but if you think about a page weight the weight of the site the channel section or pages larger than the page when the page is also likely to become the site traffic entrance? The answer is yes.


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