By Lee and some opinions about love Shanghai chain

April 25 love Shanghai Webmaster Platform launched "Lee on the chain" judgment caused an uproar, Shanghai dragon world forum signature, Links forum, advertising area outside the chain of no use? The author will according to their own reading for everyone:

is search cache, webmaster site search indexed cache, and automatically links to

acquisition station collecting your article legacy links, such as you send an article in A5 by a lot of transfer station reprint, it is garbage sites and so on many sites. This shows that we have not collected from these sites to obtain weight.

2, the chain search navigation station

to deceive the search engine, intentional interference with search engine ranking for the purpose by the website, or intentionally benefit leading machine production chain. Including but not limited to: anchor text cheating, buy high weight chain, black chain, mass increase in the low quality of the chain sprocket, etc.. For such a chain, we identify based on filtered, to link to the site will be processed at the same time, have a direct negative effect. Love Shanghai Web2.0 chain cheating algorithm to further alert the webmaster friends to stop using the mass of the chain sprocket and station group software, links to purchase behavior.


3, add your site using the web site template friendship technical support link has expired.



, the chain of garbage

is not recommended for pointing to the site by site, not intentionally making hyperlink. Including but not limited to: generate search results page automatically generate a link, webmaster service links, bad garbage collection is cheating station automatic links etc.. In this chain, more than 98% have been identified and automatic filtering in link calculation, only this, under normal circumstances, will not have a direct negative impact on links to the website.

1, a Shanghai judge love only the principle of the chain is a chain of questions: whether the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific significance of high quality recommendations. This means obvious is to tell you the best go to the forum, B2B platform related industries a high degree of the site outside the chain of information, such as associated with their high degree of site exchange links. An example is the car I do go to Shanghai dragon related sites outside the chain can give up.


well, this is a simple interpretation of the Lee chain, as the webmaster questions the author here in the talk about their own.

signature failure, this understanding is wrong as long as you want to go to answer the question above, not to want to seek a return card mentality can be included. This is the Links failure link and standing group of sprocket for as long as we follow the usual industry highly related sites to exchange.


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