The search engine why repeated website snapshot stagnation

is right down the site. One is the site with IP, another is whether it has the right to be reduced or blocked the site in Links.

1, the most popular or simply to site traffic of the post, but here that a little skill might use. Write the chain can be written as a hyperlink in the reverse. Thus, management can not see your external links. When the search engine included page at the same time, will inevitably bring about a certain weight. Less likely to see not much success, but much effect is obviously.

1, all from the number of Web site is a wide range of original acquisition, and less and less.

3, the soft platform, some high weight, and high platform article reprint. >

2, micro-blog, two years have witnessed tremendous growth, the user is tens of thousands of people to calculate. Micro-blog’s forwarding can not be ignored, if you can be with a link to the article by all forwarding it, then either the weight or flow are double harvest. Being reprint articles, you can spend very little money can achieve good results.

site recently have you ever done any program to modify the template.

web server and stable operation, when the site has some weight to the spider will crawl the web snapshot, but if the server cannot access frequently, will be down the right treatment.

: first the chain, the chain is an important factor to increase the weights of the website. A site outside the chain so much, and quality fully determines the weight and height of the web site. The increase in the chain to the rapid increase of the website weights, the author do the following discussion.


in low trust website, website category 6. Even if often update the site, continue to do outside the chain, in the early stage is not necessarily a snapshot generated. The search engine will be stored in the web caching server review analysis, after the corresponding time, "the natural search engine will be released. However, do not have to worry too much. For this industry website, the weight is a process of accumulation. For a long time, the snapshot will still become normal.

4, whether the 2,

analysis of the website snapshot update problem, then make corresponding solutions:


along with the Internet technology is increasing, the search engine search on the site’s ranking weight and more human intelligence, to judge the merits of the site of continuous improvement of technology. The snapshot from the search engine on the web can analyze some factors to determine whether a site has the weight, or being right down, and then make the corresponding strategies to enhance the weight of our web site, to restore the snapshot. Then the search engine grab cache snapshot why not update, should be how to improve? We do a detailed analysis:

3, the website is cheating brush flow or stack keywords, cause drop right.


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