Nanchang Lummy plastic surgery hospital the site outside the chain construction experience

found no, then I immediately adjust! Based on the assessment of the amount of the additional surface examination. What? Is the chain widely degree, such as the previous day can reach 10, regardless of the source, now not only to reach 10, and more than 5 or more sources.

early I also try holding the mentality to observe, look at the amount of the chain on the site to improve. Last month, the chain from 3000 to 9000, but the site keyword ranking fall.


2, in quantity and quality, quality as the first consideration;

there is no doubt that the pre adjustment of foreign chain employees is a huge challenge. Less resource is the biggest problem, but with the accumulation of time, later will be more relaxed, more and more handy. Two months, the chain from 9000 to 13000, many tasks keyword rankings are on the rise, the main keywords are fundamental to the home page of the home page, Nanchang plastic surgery hospital in the word of the day before yesterday still rose to first. The chain now than before, and no amount of a huge gap, but the gap is very big, blogs, forums, quizzes, message, comment, text, Links, classification of information, as long as the chain of place to do. Here we seek to share resources outside the chain chain method: to check the weight high with the industry website, using domain:www.admin5贵族宝贝 to see, basically see the first 10 pages on OK.

3, We

today through this period of nearly 3 months on site observation, to analyze the website optimization some experience of the construction of the chain.

Nanchang Lummy plastic surgery hospital website with two colleagues specializing in the hair of the chain. My main blog pre arrangement, we all know that the blog is to raise, but two colleagues blog this step of doing is not in place, as a direct result of the created N blog, released the N blog, can be included in the rate pitifully low. Slowly, even has a habit, not just the day included fast hair, included a good hair, desperately.

I took over the Nanchang Lummy plastic surgery hospital station, when the website early. Because of the huge amount of data, the content is taken by the way of collecting (here to remind friends, not to cannot but do not take the collection way, too hurt, behind the data to prove). The editor was roughly modified by me for some chain processing station. The next work is the construction of the chain.


, 1 in number and coverage, first consider the coverage of

Hello, I am Nanchang Lummy optimization plastic surgery hospital responsible person, I do have nearly two years time optimization. In Shanghai, more competition in the medical industry especially the cosmetic industry is to fight the head broken and bleeding.

chain construction



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