How we respond to the website ranking off

, check Links, removed from the chain, chain was K, too obvious to deal with.


as a web site optimization, the first thing to work every day are the basic hand view the web site collected, rankings and other related information, such as me, my day affect the quality of these data directly, perhaps not so exaggerated, but most of it is Shanghai dragon er. But I want to say here is not how to make it off the rankings, but in case you fell, how are we going to deal with.

site optimization must have patience, because the optimization is not do not do a station, after the event can be as you wish to show your results in you, optimization is a gradual thing, is the need to implement the days and months multiplying so, said executive force decided to cut. But the website ranking is not everyone can control, a face off work early in the morning’s website ranking, the first panic, rational look at the results, but the leadership of the blame or customers ask, we should be rational to deal with.

four, a look ahead of you in the rankings, whether there are more competitors, and better competitors than you do. How I will not speak of here. If it is, it will only refuel.

two, a few days ago you think update of the article is obviously Copy, or significantly affect the user experience of waste paper. I am here to say clearly, because love is just Shanghai program, do update optimization and then how will more or less of the false original. But don’t think this program is very stupid.

website ranking fell to second, third or even can not find the reason analysis whether love Shanghai internal reason, as long as this group to optimize or optimize the forum to see everyone’s reaction to it, if you encounter, it can put down the heart to do their own thing to do every day. If not for this reason don’t panic, specific analysis below:

if they haven’t been able to find the reason, do not worry, perhaps love as the object of study website is Heiner, performance ranking drop, lower included, the weight is reduced, but no obvious K. Or that sentence, do what you do and stick to it, soon ranking on the back. In my personal experience, half a month to a month or so, as long as you are not getting messy, steadily forward, ranking will certainly come back.

three, think of the last is not space server recently unstable, if this is more difficult, or move or resignation, if the server has been stable, do you do not have the ranking back to.

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