Shanghai Longfeng site diagnosis main content

2 love Shanghai Webmaster Tools actual index

4. is robots, alt, strong right, H tags,



2. choice is reasonable, whether in the long tail word

(eight), the search results page, domain name urL specification of



should be included with the website ranking rate proportional to

, indicating the site attractive to users is


2 in the chain mainly to see whether there are reasonable mesh structure set

(two) by


A general marketing Station PV number is two times the number of IP on

1 site included: site: domain name.

1. weight is one of the important reference data to reflect the overall strength of the

site open speed


How the

3. is in accordance with the quality requirements of "love Shanghai white paper

5. is a registered login block included grab

The number of

1. content quality how, whether in nature based

keyword layout and domain name server

3. navigation column number is reasonable, and there is no significant loss of

1 chain

2. is expected to flow through the webmaster tools to see, to see the actual flow through

3. key word



1. is using multi domain, multi domain is to use

chainThe quantity and quality of column

3. there is no abuse of the search results page


2. of those pages ranked statistical tools

3. flow including IP number, UV number, PV number



ranked 1. in the top ten keywords number

2. inside or outside, IP is independent or non independent IP, is dedicated to the server or space

domain is preferred

1. home page, column page, details page location title writing is standard

2. has a chain of

1. the length of time domain

B general information portal PV number should be several times or even several times in

(six) and

The longer residence time of 5.

4. bounce rate is an important goal of reference data

(three) flow and weight


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