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: a high traffic site, low conversion rate. I believe this kind of website is occupy a certain number. Encountered such a problem, is the most troublesome thing website manager. Why do I say it? The site itself has a qualitative flow, but the conversion rate is always a gentle period. If you can not effectively and timely discover and solve problems. The site at this time, the impact will be great;

to build a website belonging to the previous work, to improve website traffic and conversion rate is belonging to the late of work. After the two factors, in a unified planning process. The two is to contrast? Whether the high traffic sites, the conversion rate will have significant change? For this kind of problem, is the problem of website optimization staff often need to think of. According to these two problems, can be considered from two aspects.

two phenomenon is the existence of the opposition. Each has relative advantages, can effectively display. How will the advantages of these two aspects, effective integration in the same site. This is the website management, is a topic of concern and content identification. Two kinds of effective combination, the site will be a qualitative change, the current status of the website greatly improved.

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to solve these two problems, the two point flow and conversion rate. How to improve the site traffic, is the first phase of the work. At the same time, also want to pay attention to the corresponding website conversion rate. It can be said that the two at the same time of need. Drainage can be from their own web site keywords ranking promotion start, combined with the corresponding network promotion, increase website traffic.

for the problem of the conversion, the need to proceed from the user experience, a qualitative effort. In the content, from the user’s point of view, effectively integrated into them. To a certain time, the user experience will have the corresponding improvement. The nature, can have a relatively good effect. As the old saying that good: Little strokes fell great oaks.! Obviously, inspirational spirit is the need to exist. The direction is clear, effective insist, will change the status quo. From: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuacang贵族宝贝

two: low flow sites, high conversion rate. For such sites appear, management is not so with fear. After all, the conversion rate, and can form a qualitative comparison of flow.

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