Discussion on how to correctly analyze the website of Shanghai dragon er


find a good competition, we must through the core keywords ranking, long tail keywords ranking, the construction of the chain, the website included quantity, Alexa ranking, social media marketing comprehensive comparison on their own website, web site, clear differences, find themselves lack of website, and later to take certain measures to accelerate lack of respect, the purpose is to outdo each other.

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first time we took over a site, the first time is to understand the knowledge of the industry, I do not say this. But we understand the knowledge of the industry after the more important is through analysis of the industry keywords, resume their own vocabulary, if the site had a thesaurus, we should analyze the keywords, because before that you think is not reasonable.

the second is to identify the core keywords, according to the core keywords identify competitors. Our competitors should not find who you see out is suspected of cheating, such as the site just on the line for 5 days, the domain name until the age of 20 days, came in the home page of the site, this is obviously cheating site, ranking is not stable in the home, will soon be a thousand miles away. You may feel that in addition to see the search engine ranking is difficult to identify the competitors, this is you and one of the company’s Shanghai dragon Er handover to enquire the work, ask him over 3 months on the front page of the website of a few, or the ranking obtained by Alexa method is to check the Alexa Rankings steadily rising, and keywords ranking in the home, so we can conclude that the peer web traffic is steadily rising, its significance is representative of the site’s ranking is steadily rising.

is called, baizhanbudai. If we don’t understand the competitors in the same industry website, then plan how to write? How does the boss agree? The boss does not agree, how can we take a series of measures to support the latter’s

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today to the webmaster should how to analyze the website, this article is on the analysis of personal website to share in the process and ways out to discuss with you to share, if the analysis of website you have a better way, I hope to learn, if you have no better way, please check my website analysis way to

every Shanghai dragon Er when changing jobs, most of the webmaster must carry out the system analysis of our new website and took over the market, so as to formulate a series of measures, strengthen the optimization steps of Shanghai dragon series, and give the boss a plan to end we will make analysis to the optimization of the website, but also to have the potential to competitors in the same industry a know about it, here I share how I analyze site…


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