After the site right down to steady the premise of all remember to act rashly


as an optimization personnel, make snap of the enterprising spirit is essential, but for site optimization especially love Shanghai, stability overrides everything, if you really want to modify the site title such as the website, the website has the main product changes, this time we have to do is, according to the theme of the new website optimization, first how to do good planning, such as the first from the content page to column page to change the page should be gradual to operate, according to the new words in the premise of ensuring the high quality of the plateau gradually implemented rather than send the chain anchor text is too concentrated to do what. The author through their own practical experience for the website optimization and the webmaster frequently called, do not frequently modify site title, the title change was fatal to the influence of the weight and website ranking.

I don’t want to repeat them here, for the site to drop right outside of the chain release strategy to make bigger adjustment, such as before has been the forum signature, Bo.

as everyone knows, right down the website is every webmaster in the process of optimized website will certainly encounter problems, as the saying goes, no operation right down the site webmaster is not good webmaster, although this matter who are not willing to see, but a lot of the time we are unable to control effectively, because most of the time is to love Shanghai the algorithm can track before the upgrade, the mode of operation of the Shanghai love upgrade algorithm, will enter the ranks of cheating. In addition, Shanghai Longfeng optimization optimization and optimization of the excessive nature often do not grasp, especially for the novice, a little attention will enter over optimized operational areas, such as the chain released in the process of key words is too simple, home page keyword density is too large to wait, these factors often lead to the fine arch-criminal website down right, today I and share is the site right down we don’t panic stability.

second, the chain operation must be cautious as far as possible is the premise of natural quality.

first, right down the website after website title must not arbitrarily modify.

The importance of the chain of

title is the main criteria for the website search engine type, theme, especially for the new station to get up at this time is not a problem for the new title, if within one month of follow-up included some pages but disappeared, this time to observe the website home page also shows if only slightly right down, may is the content of quality problems may also be outside the chain of problems in website optimization excessive suspicion is relatively large. Although the search engine algorithm repeatedly upgrade, but it is self-evident in the importance of website title search engine. The author found that many beginners especially when new sites took over the total love modify title, such as looking for a job over the new website, the first thing is to how to modify the site title, this quick thought do no good, the site title would like our name, the name has been taken to modify not but really want to deliberate, not so hasty to.


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