Battle of mobile search app search service search left to right

on ecology and technologyThe search was first proposed by

pea pod in the mobile distribution also started to do a search within the application market is compressed under the condition of transformation. In this context, pea pods proposed this idea to investors, its essence is to tell investors: pea pods do another mobile phone or Google Chinese love Shanghai.

love Shanghai through mobile application alliance ", to provide professional services for the mobile Internet traffic is realized for mobile applications, to help developers to promote the flow of value of mining. Through mobile alliance, fell in love with the sea to help developers and fell in love with the sea nearly 300 thousand existing customers and potential customers more docking, mobile traffic.

mobile phone and other terminal product is not conducive to the text input, voice search, image search has become one of the development direction of mobile search. With the long-term accumulation of technology, relying on powerful search giant matching technology and data accumulation and build a higher barriers.

search behavior evolution: from looking for information to find services

application of the search scale and ecological needs, requires a lot of developer support. The so-called developed world, love Shanghai, the Tencent in this area has a very strong appeal. For example, the Tencent said to be in the next two years, share 10 billion revenue and developers through the open mobile platform.

peas Masamori limelight recently, to obtain additional investment of Goldman Sachs B round of financing, holding U.S. team claims to the mobile content search have action, and increase the application of the search for investment, hoping to be eroded through the transition to avoid the.

Application of For example,

but the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. Mobile search is not only the threshold of love Shanghai occupied 72% market share, more important is the gap formed by the technical barriers, ecological barriers, and in the search engine service scene understanding, which is also the current mobile search battle core focus.

love of Shanghai began in the fall of 2012 for the development of search within the application, is the beginning of love Shanghai map, Qiyi film, music video and other visual applications like Shanghai to call the local installed using a mobile phone, and then to further broaden the scope of support.

search applications: a PK

in the domestic application of love in Shanghai, as the core technology to break the mobile app islands of information search within the application, has not only been recognized by the mobile search business, but also greatly facilitate the users and application developers to make applications and users demand more direct docking.

4G licensing accelerate the further development of mobile Internet, changes in demand and use of user scenarios for search, mobile search is experiencing from.

calls, how to use big data accuracy in terms of moving scenes have a better fit, these are very high threshold.

but it is not easy to search technology to successfully focus.


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