Analysis of differences of three roles search marketing

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give you a chance to think so, let you have the opportunity to choose their own role in the industry, which would you choose? Internal work or a separate team? I believe that many people do not know how to choose, do not know what role is the most suitable for their own, but if you know the difference between the three, you will know what is best for you.


in depth before such an answer, we can look at the "2012 Shanghai dragon industry survey and Analysis on network marketing" the role of the distribution ratio of this article.

search marketing paradise?

A: I work in an internal Shanghai dragon, in the usual work, really do not have time to focus on a project, a client of a website, I must also pay attention to multiple sites, and for each site’s concern as to care about their children in a sample. Internal optimization is the best to comply with the search engine optimization guide, look at the site in front of you a little bit of growth.

, the internal orange represents 46%, 22% represents the main institutional role, enterprises 19%, independents accounted for 13%. In this article, I have no special reports on enterprise main categories. This is because the business owners may and three other types of overlapping points from orange. Agencies often belong to search marketers, therefore may from the analysis of data will be distorted.

B: at work, we will cooperate with other colleagues, learn from each other and create new things for Shanghai dragon, we are not only in the work site, and we also establish an internal centre and an internal report system. In order to further analysis of revision work site.

If you are a

has three main roles in the search engine industry, you can work in the search engine group, or an institution or as an independent consultant. Now, what is your role, you choose the right? How do you make sure you follow the right path to realize the

attention to detail, the value and stability of new people, then you may be in the search engine’s internal work will be very good. Because of the internal work practitioners should have a lot of patience. It needs to develop the relationship between you and your colleagues with the time to develop your vision, the right to obtain more support resources to help you complete the project.

if you are looking for a fun and fast-paced environment and continue to learn valuable things, then you fit in a search engine, a taste of the type of project and customer to keep you in you that you will face "

sometimes, your work will be restricted because there are several websites, but you need to know the details, from the start to finish the project. Let us look at some experienced boss is how to search the show their role in internal marketing.

As shown in figure


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