4 directions for the development of Shanghai dragon line

some friends do Shanghai dragon do actually learn all kinds of knowledge that we reject, code, program, art, not what the server knowledge help to Shanghai dragon? Then ask, why is it such a friend as you do in Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon chicken do Shanghai Longfeng what not to do? Do code that program, art, knowledge does not help to server station? Maybe you will say too much too complex is not conducive to the development, to learn fine. I can only say you to find an excuse, I never let you not to go to school how to run before, but without a heart to run, walk this thing as not. What’s more, Shanghai dragon really need a lot of site related knowledge, and life will continue to surpass themselves, learning new things, or it will soon be eliminated.

2, Shanghai Longfeng marketing road

ready to join Shanghai dragon or just entered the Shanghai dragon industry is in a confused stage friend, introduce foreign * * * Shanghai dragon should go in which direction, how to seek development in the industry from their own breakthrough, or how situation of Shanghai Longfeng industry to seek their own new development path.

some friends think, Shanghai dragon does not need too much technical knowledge, do not know too much code, program, art design, site knowledge, knowledge server. Then the constant pursuit of technology is employed after Shanghai Longfeng a very awesome road. After the entry of Shanghai dragon and what the future should be how to develop, keep learning more knowledge and technology related websites is a very good Shanghai dragon road. Do a lot of good people are born in Shanghai Longfeng, website to your master station tube, and server related technology more, will pave the way for your future strength of Shanghai dragon road.

Shanghai dragon is a very cost-effective way to promote Shanghai dragon is a part of the website operation, most of the network marketing is also used. Since such division, Shanghai dragon and marketing are inseparable. Marketing is what? Marketing is how to find, create and deliver value to meet the needs of the target market, and the profit subject. Marketing needs to identify unmet needs, define, measure the size of the target market and profit potential, to find the most suitable for the enterprise to enter the market segmentation and suitable for the segmentation of market supplies. Then you can choose Shanghai Longfeng marketing road, more like a successful marketing talent development. In the open market and Shanghai dragon how to spend more effort, spend more effort in combination with Shanghai Longfeng and products, marketing talents of a Shanghai dragon. Maybe the Shanghai dragon marketing road say a bit empty, but the nature of the purpose of Shanghai dragon is not for Marketing Websites exist? Cannot get profit website can not count outstanding website, right? By the way of marketing for Shanghai Dragon Mining.

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1, the pursuit of technological innovation


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