How do entrepreneurs find reliable user requirementsTwitch’s founder says from introverted programme

entrepreneurship seems to have been myth, must do big things, must make a stir around the world. In fact, many times entrepreneurs are based on the idea of their own brainstorm, began to invest time and energy, to build cattle products. But in this case, even the first thing to do a valuable product is not done, that is, to ensure that the user needs to find their own is reliable.

recently, the game live website Twitch has become a hot spot of media attention. Rumor has it that shlf1314 will buy the site for $1 billion to boost its status in online video. Before this news came out, Twitch was not known to the public because it was a web site dedicated to game enthusiasts. Obviously, the game player is a market that can not be ignored.

1, to find demand, observe people’s current behavior,

desire is like a flood that breaks through and blocks everything. It will look for the weakest part of the dam and spew it out. Therefore, what people have shown is the best way to show their inner need. Human beings have existed for hundreds of thousands of years, the demand is basically the same, but the behavior will become increasingly efficient. For every age, there is a need to choose the most convenient solution. People will use it day after day, so that it is so common that it can not attract the entrepreneurs who dream of using perfect innovation to overthrow the world.

2, to determine the value of demand, depends on what people are now willing to pay the cost of

diagram is the printer for my new company. "A package of printed paper on the ground" has been "used" by the strange "solution". What’s the demand behind it? Maybe it’s "want to get it straight in print," and don’t want to be suddenly told that the paper is used up". Product manager of Canon to see this scene actually should silently back to the designers and technicians to solve, as the solution is "increasing paper warehouse" increasing placing spare paper shelves or "subversive" paperless printing ", it can solve the needs of users.

The example in the

and a few months later, money also smashed, advertising also voted, daughter-in-law also ran, hair also dropped, and found no user to pay, it is better to calm down and think about how your first step should be right.

in February this year, Twitch’s monthly number of independent visitors reached 45 million people, the monthly station has more than 1 million users to create a game broadcast room. According to online video company Qwilt data, Twitch has accounted for 44% of U.S. live streaming video traffic. At the same time, Twitch has attracted a lot of interest from advertisers. Therefore, the YouTube Twitch acquisition rumors, and not Weakness lends wings to rumours.

How did

there is a demand called "I want to tell you one thing, it has experienced a roar, horn, feibook, post, post office, telegraph, telephone, typing, video chat and a series of solutions, is now popular" WeChat ", that over the next ten years is what it too often? Usually, is next to the subway with a mobile phone in the caller. If you want your product to be what everyone will use in the next era, look at what everyone will use in the ordinary life of the times.

people have the cost to realize any demand. They should pay their time, money, energy, energy, and good mood…… If one thing needs to be spent at a great cost under the existing solution, there is a huge demand behind it. Broadband fees, plus gasoline, mobile phone bills, diamond rings, transfer accounts, run the building materials market, select decoration materials, row >

then, two people sell their ideas to the founder of Y Paul Combinator Graham. One idea is to print web content into casual reading, and another idea is to make Kan live on the network for 24 hours. Paul Graham’s reaction to the second thought was, "that sounds crazy enough. I’ve invested."."

"I want to build a Internet Co, when the end of the University, I know this," Shear told BuzzFeed, "when I went to university, to is engaged in scientific work, but I realize that more engineer oriented thing, is my passion."

Twitch develop to its present size? The Buzzfeed site interviewed several founders and reviewed the history of the company’s development. Twitch is the predecessor of, a total of four founders, Justin, Kan, Kyle, Vogt, Emmett, Shear and Micheal Seikel. Among them, Justin, Kan, and Emmett Shear were friends since childhood, and they both like math and card games, "magic meeting" in the same elementary school. Later, the two became Yale alumni. Their first start-up project was Kiko, an application similar to the shlf1314 calendar. During the development of Kiko, Emmett Shear demonstrated its capabilities. He is a professional engineer who often stays up late to revise the software code. Kiko was eventually sold on eBay, priced at $250 thousand. The project stimulated the idea that two people were entrepreneurs.

in February this year, Twitch’s monthly number of independent visitors reached 45 million people, the monthly station has more than 1 million users to create a game broadcast room.



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