sh419 alliance and shlf1314 Adsense gap gradually smallerShop monopoly Fuzhou specialty opening yea

Miss Wu opened the shop is very ordinary, selling things are not unusual, we are often able to see the Fuzhou specialty, such as olives, dried meat floss, yanpi etc.. However, after opening in 2006 April, it took only one year, and she raised the monthly turnover to nearly 40 thousand yuan. At present, this shop has been Fuzhou’s largest specialty Monopoly shop.

      recently found that the income gap between sh419 alliance and shlf1314 Adsense more and more small, the gradual increase in the overall level of sh419 sh419 alliance, although shlf1314 has action, launched the 2, in fact just recommend some more products, but these products do not put much stationmaster estimate.

      so has little difference, don’t always think you every day by the GG K K how to do, there are a lot of union waiting for you, like domestic sh419, Sogou, Yahoo, and so on a lot, of course, any alliance do not do harm!

Miss Wu told reporters, general online shop has nearly half of the complaints are due to errors in the logistics link. By the end of last year, Miss Wu had experienced several single customer complaints caused by errors in the logistics link. The turnover of the shop was also greatly affected. After investigation, she found that these logistics companies have been in the verge of rapid closure, and in the business process is also more than the heart and lack of force. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good logistics company. At present, the general shop should have a set of logistics risk control measures, such as express after the delay, how to explain to the customer, in advance with the courier company order delay compensation contract and so on.


management tips: tie-in sales

Miss Wu told reporters that the purchase of food and pricing of this product is the key to general online shop management. In the focus of "build" star products, it is best to find a few "green leaves" to foil these "red flowers"". Like Miss Wu selling Pingtan, a good reputation peanut, because the price is higher, many customers are reluctant to try. Clothing retail blue cool fashion www.lan-cool is also taking into account this, in sales and other network operators at ordinary times, using tie-in sales, sales increased by 30% in the month.

      income from sh419, the price trend of high development, but shlf1314 seems to have declined in my station are sh419 and GG advertising, here are two data about the same time period:


the description of the goods to "verbose"

inventory and pricing is also a general food shop headaches, Miss Wu experience is that inventory time can not exceed 1/3 of the shelf life, it is best to do once every month to clean up inventory. As for pricing, it must be cheaper than the store, 10%-15% is likely to sell.

selected logistics guarantee shop reputation

has opened the shop know that, whether in Taobao or in the city forum, the description of goods is good or bad, determines the customer’s trust. Miss Wu experience is: detailed and add some practical information, such as the manufacturer, production date, shelf life, product certificate number, best time to eat, in addition, each kind of commodity with at least three pictures, which she played no small role in the cultivation of old customers on.


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