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WeChat as the mobile Internet era can not be ignored entrance APP, its new WeChat small program for the Internet entrepreneurs have guiding significance. Jianghu takeaway 3 also carried out a small program supporting, and this small program retains most of the functions of APP, so that all belong to the flow of entrepreneurs are nowhere to dodge.

Wu Bo left the net and started his seventh venture. This time, he said, it was completely upside down. The past six start-up enterprises are from the first tier cities, requiring large sums of money, pay attention to rapid scale. And this time, Wu Bo said, go into the three or four line city, do not need venture capital money, the target is small and beautiful.

I started this business, to put it bluntly, that is, to the three or four line cities open clothing stores and building materials stores. Different from the traditional chain stores, we take online and offline combination, with less 100 square metres to 2 tablet computer, the user can not find online love style, online selection and orders, can also line line fitting. O2O provides a technical platform to solve the problem of low efficiency of traditional retailing.

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July 14th, the famous takeaway system service, "La takeaway" in the recently introduced 3 systems, joined Android’s APP version, today you can download the experience. It is reported that takeaway 3 system is Jianghu CMS, for the hot takeaway O2O market takeaway platform CMS, entrepreneurs can be achieved through this software zero based platform to take out. This version of 3 is "Jianghu CMS" since 2015, the takeaway takeaway venture market for entrepreneurs launched third versions, the functions are very perfect, presumably in the entrepreneurial market will be a great success.

, a truly operational takeaway platform, is bound to be integrated with the dispatch center. When self takeout orders increased, distribution capacity will own the rider short board platform appear, only through the unified dispatching center according to path planning calculation, in order to be multi merchant order scientific distribution path planning to the nearest delivery platform, never solved when busy / idle when the order allocation problem.

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billion state power network: you said the traditional retail industry to O2O the wind blowing, why there is such a judge

3, all merchants can access the dispatch center

as an excellent takeaway platform to build software, it has its own user side, merchant side, rider side, operating side developed versions of WAP and APP. Entrepreneurs simply through the prompt operation, submit relevant materials, you can get through the use of these ends, quickly take their takeaway platform built up.

4, multi city can expand, for the operator’s sub station joining strategy to provide possible


Wu Bo: for example, the two of us are in this cafe. How many people are there at the door? The boss must not know. For traditional stores, there are three problems are very critical, one is traffic, two is Ping effect, and three is inventory. And traditional retailing is rare

1, this takeaway CMS contains all the scenes using WAP and APP

tactical strategy is good, but also needs to retain users through good basic functional experience, through comprehensive and effective marketing functions to win over users, etc. These are the foundation of the foundation. As the old saying goes, "if you want to go, you have enough."

, when successful in the local market, will move to more foreign markets to explore their franchise strategy. From hungry, the United States and other large takeaway platform development routines, we can easily see that the use of brand efficiency to join the field market is an important component of platform profitability. As a result, 3 of the city’s urban development features are self catering platform, the necessary tool for further growth.


5, the basic powerful, marketing features everything,

‘s reversal is not the lessons of past entrepreneurship, but the need for different forms of business. This time, Wu Bo will be in the three or four line city clothing and building materials chain, he provides technical platform, purchasing power to the local shops, play a revolutionary retail O2O game.

Wu Bo: China retail industry in recent years changed much over the past ten years, my wife Chinese from shopping to the United States, it is Chinese to buy something from the United States, more than three times the price difference, the most hateful is made in china. Why is it so? China’s retail industry is tired, big city commercial real estate is too expensive, the city’s most cattle shoppingmall shops are losing money. On the contrary, the urbanization of the three or four – line cities is fast and the demand is large. The prices of commercial real estate have not gone up yet. There is also a need for the Internet and good goods and services. So I ran to the three or four line city to open clothing stores and building materials stores.

Wu Bo: actually, people in this field can only understand a window paper and break it at once. O2O, stop looking at the service industry. Buy a group and do it. Don’t just want to make coupons. There’s no core. In fact, O2O can be aimed at traditional retail, regardless of how the development of electronic commerce, the store before, later, you dare to say that Apple stores will die? The streets could not only Suning Gome, there must be other forms of shops.

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2, takeaway applets are also supported by


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