Let the webmaster who sells links earn moreWhat is the logic of knowledge start ups

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, first, let’s look at the earnings of the links I sold on a link site abroad. My 2 PR4 websites sold $170.31 a month, totaling about more than 1000 yuan. Post the PayPal collection. I can change the size of the picture so that it can be displayed on the page.

on June 3rd, thousands of chat held the "knowledge drain break" summit, invited more than 300 KOL, the platform has registered lecturers 800 thousand, courses, and income of more than 500 yuan lecturer reached 50 thousand people.


at the same time, various segments of the intellectual entrepreneurs began to achieve amazing results. Voice coach Xu Jie "get a sound" single day sales reached 1 million 900 thousand, Shanghai Conservatory Of Music Professor Tian Yimiao of "classical music is difficult to" pay the course playback volume reached 7 million 815 thousand, China Normal University psychology professor Chen Mo’s "how to do" anxiety


, industry media tiger sniffing, 36kr and titanium media launched their respective knowledge paid membership services.

this is also a lot of aspiring knowledge paid young entrepreneurs common distress. Meanwhile, in the summer, knowledge pays more.

May 6th, 36kr issued an annual fee report on knowledge, noting that the overall economic size of the field is expected to reach 300-500 yuan, to become "new tuyere"".

said, "he’s on the list. You see, recently, knowledge is very expensive. I happen to have an excellent ear for speech, and I want to make a knowledge paying content business for this area.".

At the beginning of ?

poof, I can not help laughing. I don’t trust a hooligan face look, said, is not the kind of Red Net live, is the knowledge network of red

in May 18th, held a knowledge conference, Luo fat released 12 knowledge products, and issued an internal quality control manual, its subscription column sales volume has reached 2 million 60 thousand copies.

2 my station is PR4 blog, I can sell the link monthly stable more than 150 knives, because some customers may withdraw the link because we see a PR4 you stand, how much is the domestic well-known Forum on the same price? Is money selling links, why not choose a can let oneself earn more

PS: if you have any questions in applying for the registration of these websites, you can also email me, zhu.routuanyahoo.cn, will not be added, people are too busy to come.

June 6th, Himalaya launched 66 member days, around the content of knowledge paid to introduce membership services, and strengthen the stickiness of paid users, three days to convene 3 million 420 thousand members, membership sales reached 61 million 140 thousand. According to the platform announced news, this year, its paid users monthly average ARPU value has exceeded 90 yuan.

recently, one of my friends a very busy, working on a variety of network platform every day. I can not help asking him, you take the ID card every day to shoot, and what is the certification,


May 17th, know almost on-line "knowledge market", launched similar to Taobao’s "7 days without reason refund" rules. Know about live on-line 11 months, has held 2900 games, more than 3 million people to participate in, the speaker average hourly salary reached 11000 yuan.


in the webmaster forums, a PR4 link to the site can sell how much money? We see a real link acquisition of human hair requirements: PR4=20RMB/ BOLD +2RMB has asked sh419 included more than 5000 included below the asking price decrease / / 20 dollars, also called sh419 included more than 5000, I think many owners of the station are not certain to meet this requirement, you may only link the value of 15.



, in which linkworth, I sold 3 links, earned 77.75 knives, web technologies sold links earned 27.5 knives, backlinks sell links earned 62 knives.

personally recommend several foreign link trading websites: linkworth, backlinks, ask2link, text-link-ads, which I’m doing, and I wish you all more money. If you have any doubts about this article, you can go to my 2 PR4 stations free software download, free Symbian software download to see the links on the right and bottom of the page, so I know whether I lied or not. By the way, in sh419, enter the "mobile phone software free download", "free mobile phone software download", ranked second in the small station is my own, thank you for your support. Finally, I wish you sell links to earn more!

most of the small webmaster for a fixed monthly income, should be from the sale of your links, my station is a station, also sold on the link to make money, but never do the forum inside those links to buy, I do all those foreign, all don’t say I’m fawning, because I link to sell a foreigner, I earn more. Don’t believe it, let’s illustrate it with real examples.

punk proudly laugh, I want to do network red


but very tangled, Himalaya, live, 1000, or chat, small dense ring, and a goose, rice and vegetable roll pass, as q…… Knowledge paid platform too much, where to earn the first pot of gold



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