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, but if you have ten of these in your head, don’t be the one". Pocket money is always there. Moreover, a web site was done, of course, a single page now was not what hope, but to move the brain, may try their page than you would think or rumors of live much longer.

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10.Bang you firends: social networking era about cannon first artifact

so what is the ideal state?. Some people search through sh419 or GG, If You Are The One, If You Are The One If You Are The One film, download and so on, out of ten, which they point? Two factors determine their mouse falls in that website that is ranked with the title. This ranking is basically the first sh419 monopoly, so we should try to appear in the search rankings after the introduction of several others eye position before that use roller, general Sina so big to do a special what position put ahead to occupy, so to a good location, at least you have to start speaking for the grassroots as early as December, not only do you If You Are The One, Nazan July August took up, at least to the "weight" rise up, as for the specific operation that you can recount. Ranking does not necessarily have other people point in, then it involves the remaining one of the title of the problem, the search results in front of several, I rely on what you do? Your title attracted me, I will point. Sina, it’s second, but I might not like the official headline, because I might just be downloading it to the internet. Now thunder is drag, a lot of people are looking for pieces by thunder thunder, then there is a dog with sh419 search, it’s data, then sh419 has ranked it straight from the dog, the dog come in search of the ranking of the good as long as you the title of his appetite, basically rushed to you the. Probably also about two thousand of the IP, through the use of GG advertising, there are two dollars a day.


maybe we really shouldn’t discriminate against the word "Shanzhai". Whether we want to admit it or not, in fact, the success of China’s Internet is based on "Shanzhai". From the earliest imitation ICQ, Sohu imitate Yahoo, to recent hot social networking and buy site, none of these things from the cottage foreign entrepreneurial model started.

"Bang you firends" is a function of popular products such as name, Bang you firends features a bit like "crush on you" quietly, is that men and women choose each other, and once you reach and two-way selection, will send a message to tell each other, the difference is that Bang you firends is quietly about guns you, when the user selects the object you want about guns from the friends list, and once this object is also the choice of the user, the two sides issued a message Bang you firends will give you: he wants to be with you OOXX, you quickly! Bang you firends based on Facebook data of the user, that user can in their Facebook friends list quietly about guns".

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the important thing is this process. You think a lot, and you end up having money and learning something. 59seo.cn

Author: Wei Yan

if this: every year there are several blockbuster, which may have a lot to look forward to the actor or director of the film, such as this year’s Feng Xiaogang If You Are The One, this is definitely the recent popular sought after film. So how do you make use of SEO?. Well, If You Are The One to be released, after two months they will have a lot of people go to search for it, even though there are search If You Are The One downloads and so on, many people are aware of the end of December was released, but still there will be a lot of people to search, as to why you want to go, think you are not doing similar things children will know.


is in fact a copycat, encouraging innovation, as long as you can copy the mode to the soul, and the introduction of China complex environment, this mode "down to earth", it is absolutely a great innovator. Now in the era of change, foreign Internet and the emergence of many new mode of amazing, I horse for everyone to take stock of the most recent "copycat" worth ten foreign Internet innovation model, as a brave innovator should not guilt, if you want to copy to go, copy out next a Tencent, copying out the next micro-blog, why care about what others say, copy of the trend can make a future

free space + one yuan.Cn+, a little energy or creativity, dozens of knives, is not at a loss.

Bang you firends in January of this year from the start line, accompanied by a huge controversy, according to official data Bang you firends display, currently has more than 1 million users, and there are more than 200 thousand successful pairing". Bang you firends is virtually impossible to transplant to China, but it is a model that uses existing social networking data skillfully to build new contact patterns, which is worth thinking for and using for reference.



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