Valuation or far beyond New York Times Buzzfeed preparations for listing in 2018Dark horse Sogou Pi


apparently, the IPO plan suggests that BuzzFeed is not going to be bought. In 2013, the media said Disney made a $500 million offer to the company and was rejected by its head, Jonah Peretti.


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BuzzFeed is the new media benchmark in the United states. Although the contents of the web site has been criticized by the traditional media, is considered "vulgar" "rubbish", but it could not stop the user traffic soaring all the way, the traffic in 2014 surpassed the "New York Times", in the United States third news website.

as for why the choice of listing next year, the above Axios reports did not mention, but the article believes that the pace of rapid growth of BuzzFeed may eventually reach the limit, and may even have reversed.

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according to Crunchbase data, BuzzFeed has so far 6 rounds of financing, the company from 14 different investors to finance a total of $446 million 300 thousand. The company raised $second from the NBCUniversal in the latest round of financing in November last year, the last time in August 2015 was 200 million. The latter has a 1/3 stake in BuzzFeed, the largest investor.

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in the era of rapid growth and growth of new media, the United States pure digital media, news aggregation platform BuzzFeed is trying to market.

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, by contrast, another digital content company, Vice, is seeking to sell, with its investment being Disney. The new media Quartz is likely to find a potential buyer – the Nikkei Group Nikkei, its turnaround last year, revenue of $30 million, profit of $1 million. Vox and Group Nine are not available for the time being

Axios also said that BuzzFeed’s valuation could be much higher than the Washington times, or even New York Times. According to US media salon, BuzzFeed was valued at $1 billion 700 million in financing last November.

this is the first time BuzzFeed listed specific points. The company has been on the market several times in recent years, but there has never been a definite time. CEO Jonah Peretti often says that the company will be on the market at some point.

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usually, once the venture companies in order to achieve the rapid growth and raised a lot of money, then have no choice – either listed, let investors realize smoothly; or be acquired at a time.

, who is Axios of the new US media, reported on Wednesday that BuzzFeed is quietly preparing for its initial public offering IPO in 2018. BuzzFeed founder Lerer Hippeau also holds part of the Axios stake.


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