shlf1314 AdSense updates about introducing user registration AdSenseTai Chi microcode sales CPC prod

more League information goes on: top.admin5/u

thank you for introducing AdSense to your users all the time. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you.

from the beginning of the month, no additional options will be displayed in your account for you to add a referral link unit that can guide users to access AdSense products. The existing referral link, which has not yet reached $$100, will continue to accumulate revenue until the end of the month. After that, we will completely stop providing the plan. The existing referral link will continue to be displayed on your web page.

by the end of the month, you should delete all the referral link units that guide users to access AdSense from the web page. The deleted referral link will continue to be displayed on your web page as usual, but the conversion times will not be recorded again. It is recommended that you replace the AdSense link unit as a link unit for other products or services, or you can switch to other ad units.

advertisers, marketing AMDHC microcode CPC product line.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

update time: 2008-2-22



respected stationmaster:


thank you for your interest in Chi Chi League, and for the inconvenience caused by webmaster, please feel free to understand. Please feel free to pay attention to the change of advertising on our affiliate website. We will provide more excellent advertising items. I hope you will continue to support us!



shlf1314 AdSense from

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

if you currently have a referral link for your users to sign up for AdSense on your web site, please continue to read the following details to see what will happen in the coming weeks.

we would like to inform you of some important information about the links to AdSense product introductions. We’ve been working to increase the chances of publishers getting paid. To this end, we continue to experiment with new features that can improve revenue and minor adjustments to products already posted to publishers. This is also true for recommendation link units that guide users to register AdSense. This plan in the past year was continued after the test, we found in your region, other products are more valuable than the plan for the selection of hair draper. As a result, we will cease to provide referral link units for the AdSense program in a matter of weeks. Links to referrals for other products and services are not affected.

below is shlf1314 mail notification full text:

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: union.textclick

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact


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