Won’t use hype webmaster can not be qualified webmasterHow to advertise more profitable

if you can "target" the customer’s needs or his value, then he will be more interested in reading. But this time he read your letter just because of interest, so he trusts you rarely, you don’t make too many promises in this, you need to guide him slowly, you need to keep him interested, curiosity, and then you start to do……

      advertising through an advertising alliance is a very stable way of earning money; many websites have earned thousands of revenue per month through advertising alliances. You do not need to have their own advertising salesman, do not have to deal with their own logistics, these cumbersome process, you just need to know how to promote your website, you can make money.

      case 1: Blue ideal

      of course the above mentioned website mainly refers to from some of the advertising advertising, many people will think of whether mentioned advertising alliance will be deducted, whether to pay, in fact advertising has gradually grown up, some advertising alliance has received venture investment approval, and get millions of dollars in investment for example, Yiqifa.

third steps to building trust. As long as the client is interested in you, he likes to read your first paragraph, and naturally he will read your second paragraph".

      Internet profit model mainly e-commerce sell profit, advertising, membership fees I define him as the majority of the audience charges, including online games, dating sites VIP, B2B membership fee, if the eBay charge is SP. Among them, online advertising accounts for a big profit model.

      a commission of 791.6976 for more than 20 days. It doesn’t seem like a lot of commission, but this side only takes two text chains

your descriptions of these people are real. The testimony of these people can help you because of their backs

      the site is targeted at user groups for web design and production. In the home page put two text chain advertising, and did not vigorously promote, as follows, click the red letter part is linked to a special book recommendation page:

      brief introduction of an advertising alliance, an advertising alliance based on advertising budgets and targets of the Lord, to help advertisers make a reasonable advertising plan, then according to the advertisement plan to put ads to the thousands on thousands of union website. For example, Yiqifa partnered with DHC to help the promotion of DHC cosmetics, you can apply on the DHC in Yiqifa advertising, as long as there are people through your site for free from a set of DHC trial installation, you can get 5 dollars, of course Yiqifa from DHC there may be 6 dollars, this is one for the alliance a stable profit model.

what you need to pay special attention to is that you write customer testimonials because you want to use the "customer’s mouth" to gain trust from potential customers. Let him think you are not hiding behind the back, you have a successful case. Many customers do benefit from using your product, and you need to prove that these people are real.

"stimulate interest" depends on the first paragraph of your sales letter. This paragraph must be an extension of your main title content".

second steps to stimulate his interest.

the only function of the main title is to let the customer read your first paragraph. If your main title does not play this role, then you fail. So, in the first step, you have to "grab" the reader’s attention through the impact of the main title in color or text.

in the first place, you have to rely on the unique color, shape, and the impact of the text in the main title to catch the attention of potential customers. Whether it’s a web page sales letter or a DM you send, you need a main title. You can write some characters on the title, which is called import subtitle". Doing so strengthens the main title, but it doesn’t write too much. Because you want the customer to notice your main title for the first time, and then have the chance to look at your imported subtitle". So there are 1-2 lines in the lead-in subtitle.

 :     so most of the personal websites need to know how to advertise when they want to make a profit. Similarly, a website, the same ad position, put different advertising, earnings may be several times difference.

 :     I’ll give you a few examples of how advertising from an advertising alliance can bring you a bigger income.

the first step is to catch your attention. When a customer sees your sales letter, you need to catch his attention in a flash or you’ll lose him. Because there are so many things that attract people’s eyeballs". If you go to some websites to see it, there are dozens of links, hundreds of customers, what should pay attention to you? How do you catch his attention? The answer is "main title"".

but how can he trust you? Let him realize that you are a real man. You have to tell your story for example, you are also human……. You have dreams, too…… You have setbacks, too…… But later, through constant struggle, you finally found your dreams, telling you about the success stories of past customers. So you’re not selling this product for the first time. You already have a successful customer. These are tools and tools to help you build trust.


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