Web data analysis SkyGlue generates user clicks with GA markup


first saw SkyGlue this tool is in the Cloga blog article, and later, after the recommendation of jasseyyang, to SkyGlue’s Cindy application, opened the blog GA account trial. After a period of use, let’s briefly introduce the SkyGlue tool.

SkyGlue is an extension tool for Google Analytics that tracks events automatically on the site, recording user clicks, based on the identification and marking of unique visitors on the site. SkyGlue is also installed and deployed through JS page tags, but only if you have deployed GA code, because SkyGlue is actually an extension of GA tags. SkyGlue JS will automatically determine and monitor page interactive buttons and links, including input boxes, video, pictures, interactive operation monitoring of users, and results through event tracking (Event Tracking) submitted to the GA function.

The main function of

SkyGlue is to make up for some of the shortcomings of GA itself:

1 and GA identify visitors with cookie, but cannot view the information and access behavior of each visitor;

2 and GA identify visitors with cookie, and cannot really recognize the user. If you register with a user, ID will be more accurate;

3 and GA can customize the interactive events of users by using Event Tracking, but if you need to customize a large number of user interactions, the settings are too cumbersome;

4 can not track the user’s life cycle, especially for cross Visit analysis and transformation calculation, relatively powerless;

5 can not distinguish individual behavior of users, which makes segmentation and analysis of user behavior difficult;

6, GA, most of the data based on page browsing before and after series, for the same link in the page click operation did not distinguish between, outside the station link click does not monitor.

, take a look at the screenshot of the SkyGlue report page. The user’s list shows the automatically generated user ID, sources, country, city, and the total number of visits and page views during the selected time period:


clicks on each Userid to access the user’s click stream data, sorted by the time of the operation, such as:



above shows the data on the User Report on the SkyGlue web site, and the report will be used by the user


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