Read blood network muffled money community electricity supplier on the road to community development

A5 has an article, "Tiexue – money muffled community business, carefully read after a slight feeling, about the community electricity supplier, have a such a model, in fact, under the current discuz mode of powerful development, this was slowly formed part of a web site is a set of scale, I believe there is a business behind the shadow of each community, eventually settling into the direction of development of their own profits, some small sense which is read Tiexue. The following specifically explain the community electricity supplier development way.

premise: the basis of community electricity providers – Forum gathering popularity

"Jagged Community user number 10 million, " you can imagine the user from the 0 slowly developed into 10 million how much time, but also in military information, believe that the popularity of Tiexue from the beginning to the end of the hot build also experienced a lot of course, but this is an industry must go through it, as stationmaster net A5 now, but also for the maintenance of a huge market forum webmaster, huge head through the circle with the forum activities, with the promotion and so on, with seckill, together with a series of comprehensive, become heaven a webmaster, this is the forum gathering popularity.

every industry has its unique value system, when you want to do business, you must be all linked by some way, the only way to resonate with everyone, in the game industry, all kinds of game information, and games, in process industry, a variety of new programs and introduction source release, in the youth community, all kinds of acid sentences appear, the characteristics of the community itself for himself in the industry model, and this point you can also learn to 360, after 360 also has a large number of users to promote their own free antivirus software, it is to see such a market. Can expand their influence, so as to obtain enough for their own interests.

1) the transformation of the community road, as the "iron and blood network" as the electricity supplier profitability road

like Tiexue, by selling military equipment, to achieve a "predator community user number is 10 million, the number of the customer is 100 thousand Junpin mall", this is indeed a profitable way, from 6 million 2008, 2009 soared more than 3 times to 26 million, exceeding 50 million in 2010, about 70000000 in 2011, slowly mining industry potential, in fact also belong to a community through profit is worth to walk the road,


in Junpin mall, through direct users, and translate into sales in the previous community profit model, advertising alliance, Google Adsense, etc. it is a good model, but in some communities in exchange is not very appropriate, when you pass a way to bring about a >


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