What websites bring traffic to the economic crisis

last year, the outbreak of the economic crisis, many people are shrouded in gloom, each enterprise is not only affected by the people, ordinary people are also under crisis, open source savings, develop measures to survive. Indeed, the crisis has come, stocks have fallen, prices have gone up, wages have shrunk, life has had a lot of influence, but as the saying goes, opportunities and challenges exist, challenges, and also opportunities for nature. The Internet is one of the industries that are less affected by the economic crisis, and the work of webmasters seems to have not been challenged. Many people find new opportunities in crisis.

Adsense network admin5.com a article said, "personal website new direction" cookbook website "popular in the United States", the owners seem to see new opportunities. Under the economic crisis, income decreased, the number of eating out also decreased, cooking at home, online search recipes, so, "cookbook website" popular. Do the site owners to chuckle recipes, Every dog has its day!, Feng Shui has finally turned to the door of the house, please update your website, many new recipes, meet the users visit.

in fact, the Internet is a vast market, basically no restrictions, as long as you can think of, you can do it. "Cookbook website" is popular encountered economic crisis this opportunity, if there is no economic crisis, recipe site also exists, the flow may not be so high, just like cooking so some people will go to visit, now I met such a chance, people search flow. Like on the Internet a lot, one day suddenly appeared again what, then overnight increase site traffic, IP rose, gratifying website.

webmaster all day immersed in the Internet ocean, should pay attention to cultivate their own sense of smell, smell out fashionable popular direction. Not surprisingly, such a global economic crisis is expected, followed by web sites that follow the economic crisis. But see more, summed up, may be able to have a direction, can judge the popularity of the industry about. Food and clothing are rigid demand, regardless of whether the economic crisis we are to meet these requirements, in the economy, which will change the way of life, with the change of human and make what measures, which is the opportunity, the opportunity is. In philosophy, see essence through the phenomenon, not everyone can do so smart, but pay attention to the cultivation of current fashion conscious mode of thinking is a good habit, Zhibuding someday really can see the essence through the phenomenon, so little will predict the future, little what website can estimate popular.

draw inferences from the example, the webmaster can from the "cookbook website" on the popularity of see clues, summary points characteristics. Take a look at the latest swine flu epidemic, and which sites to bring traffic, it should be a number of health nets, prevention network, disease site from a lot of it?. So, the webmaster, do a good job now you have a web site, which day encountered a good opportunity, your website opportunities come, perhaps flow up, or web site by someone >


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