Take 360 as an example to analyze how to dig user value deeply

The development rate of

360 is believed to be obvious to all, and the company has recently spent hundreds of millions of Yuan purchasing new office buildings, the luxury of which is absolutely astounding. From the establishment to achieve the listing, only 360 spend years, it can have such a fast pace of development, the company attributed to good use of subversion of the traditional way to explore the depth of user value, to obtain the maximum benefit from. As the Internet industry practitioners, we all know how important the product profit, and profit is the key is how to mining user value, the author together with 360 examples of how to explore the depth of user value, let us get the cash from.

The first step of

key: stick to the user

is the key point is how we stick to our users, only improve product viscosity, can let us continue to think how to tap the user value. In the aspect of improving the product viscosity, 360 in the process of security products, the subversion of the traditional way, simply is the 360’s free security products available to users, which at the time to charge as the main profit model of the antivirus industry is undoubtedly subversive, this approach in a short time within that many users give up other charges of anti-virus software, to 360. Free practices not only allow 360 to obtain the initial large number of users, and when other antivirus software is also converted to free mode, users have begun to like 360, no longer consider replacing antivirus software.

however, for the vast majority of products on the Internet in China, free of charge has become an essential feature. 360, taking a free approach does not seem to inspire much of us. But 360 stick so many users, not just rely on the free mode, more is to make the user experience. We slowly analysis 360 security guards the initial development process is not difficult for us to find the product of each upgrade is the most user experience, product operation and visual effects on the improvement and killing ability, it is itself the continuous improvement of product quality, allowing users to use more comfortable. So that we actually want to stick to the user: we need to continuously improve the product quality, and to enhance the quality of the products, the key point is the product of the user experience can be improved.

realizable maximization: use of different products for deep processing of traffic

review the development course of 360, it is easy for us to summarize the development mode of the 360, by 360 security guards and 360 anti-virus around a large number of users in the initial stage of development, and then launched a series of products in the later period of the deep processing of the existing users and traffic, so as to realize the depth of mining user value, for example 360 security guards by "threatening" and "threat" user mode allows users to install 360 browser, 360 browser users will become the site navigation station traffic, and 360 in.


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