The successful way of regular station

what is a regular station,


has certain definite purpose and development train of thought, clear service to a certain crowd, always insist on the development of the site,


1: clear topic

you make food web site, can not do food garbage station. You are sure this website, you do not want to collect information in this website today, pick up information in that forum tomorrow. Your topic is food, is it a kind of food, or a comprehensive food web site? How much of your content (original) is your source? Does your content serve your Internet users?

two: the process of development

website is to slowly develop, eager for success, collecting everywhere, you can only make your site a garbage station, and ultimately can not escape the fate of K. By K, you do not spend 10 yuan to buy a domain name to do it again, you think like this will determine that you can not escape the fate of the garbage station, the development process is a process of adherence, which is a careful care process. Don’t think today site, tomorrow included, the day after tomorrow put advertising, put the pop-up.

three: website promotion

regular station is the need to promote, and spend your time in optimizing the content and structure of the site, so that it is better read by Internet users. Spend your time on a website where you want to be really big and strong. Give up those unpromising sites that you don’t have the energy to maintain. Good! The rest of a website, this is you most want to do website! Good promotion, don’t spam, not sending spam to your site! This is fatal, short-term traffic will ruin your future

normal station!

four: the website grows

your website is powerful, and your website has traffic. 1000 ip. Yes, Congratulations, but don’t try to convert it into money right away. Junk ads do not pick up, pop ads do not pick up, virus ads do not pick up, plug-in not connected, private server links…. Do not answer as much as possible. You should also choose to have the least impact on your Internet users, and the value of the largest advertising connection. Imagine what the site was like, think about the first one, you need to continue to optimize your website, continue to promote, continue to develop.

I fell in love with the chain of webmaster, the following from the theory of combining my own practice.

1: topic

I from the site that moment, I will fix my site is for the majority of webmaster service, is for the vast number of need to find links webmaster service.

two: process

domain name: I would like to thank the king for the domain name I picked.

Title: fall in love with chains, fall in love with links!

site: their own development, I can develop their own, I will develop their own. I found no ready-made CMS for my station >


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