My site experience memories of the past site scene vividly

recalls the past. I set up the scene vividly. I think we should have the same feeling. Look, everyone is in the webmaster network, these years of the site of the miserable course to write out. I’ll write it out. Please do not laugh at their boss. I contacted the network in the second half of 2002, that is, around June. That is, contact computers, when it was still in school, the economic conditions can not reach. So look for free space, remember the deepest thing is to provide WEB pages of 91I space. I worked hard for a month, and I got it. Finally, I did not know what was closing. Data in the absence of preservation of all lost, depressed, I nearly half a month. It’s like a huge project. All of a sudden.


then went around looking for free space. Corn。 All turned off. Add up to nearly twenty or thirty stops. They’re all closed. Psychology is really not the taste. Later, an accidental opportunity came into contact with the Mobile Forum program. Study slowly, while studying, modifying, learning. Slowly mastered a little bit of ASP technology. Although it’s a bit behind. But in those 03 years, I thought it was all right. Gradually change the program under the internet. A friend recommended a ASP program for me. So one of my e-commerce sites was called the search network. Is a good friend of Chongqing sponsored SQL space. Later, because of the work of scheduling, let him have been running, 1 years later because of conversion work, became amateur webmaster, the site to ignore the things. Later, the space expiration program messed up the program because of my negligence. Since there was no backup, which one made me suffer a lot?. At that time, enterprise users registered to more than 7000. The user has lost all of his word. I really regret the end. So I got into the habit of backing up programs and databases.

until 2007. After years of online career. Found himself really can not forget the site of the day. I really like to be a webmaster, so I came to Qingdao and rebuilt my website. So with the Qingdao housing network now (and an ad ^_^) because he is in Qingdao, combined with the actual development of what big promotion should be no problem. My site has not been promoted to around 100. It’s a bit too small. Hey。。 Later, I found that my classmates opened a lot of shop. However, fan is a problem, that is, the supply of goods is not easy to find, sales are not easy to find, and very few customers, so I thought, why not make a shop in the forum?. Some veteran experienced master door to express their own experience. I don’t think they should be too stingy. Ha-ha。 So I applied for, originally intended to call China needs network. Later I saw a document saying that unless the country was specific, it could not be named after "China". So I just call the internet.. So I need the online shopping community


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