Personal webmaster speech two years still an idiot


station (purchase business platform established for two years, flow, the registration number do not ordinarily my idea is similar to U88 together, when I do this station U88 has just started soon, so I see this site has a lot of opportunities, so they find a local station company for this station, this station received 6000 of my money. (now think of it really silly), when you do not understand the program, and do not know what a good program, so he was ASP and framework is mainstream…… And so on.


in the site of the first test, I went to Baidu published a number of articles, can lead to a flow of every day. The most exciting thing is that when I was standing for three days, there was a woman calling to make an advertisement for the XX local agent, and asked me how much money I had. I said that during the test, it would be distributed free of charge. What a thrill to hang up the phone? I thought it was going to be a bonanza. And faith grew stronger. Then they gradually got a few phone calls about advertising, after no below. After I paid the money, the phone had no one, now I wonder whether do stand with me to pull my support, but if this is true, that their marketing or other establishment company worth learning.

then I was busy with my work. I didn’t manage this station very much. Every day it was a few IP, and sometimes I shaved my head. One day, drinking with friends watching TV, see Wang Gang U88 ad, a friend asked me, this website you do? I said, that I have this ability! Friends say: that you had not also have such a website? The speaker has no intention, the listener interested! Two years ago to start at the same time. Now why so much difference?

so I took a new look at myself, and slowly began to focus on my website every day. Found that registered members N long time no audit, the article has not been updated for a long time, the station’s friendship links are mostly bad links……

so I’m searching for ways to improve website traffic and revenue. In Baidu search, there is an article attracted me, after entering the point to the A5 station, I still remember that article is an interview with a female webmaster, and this woman and I’m a city. Her station is which teaches others to draw, said that can register three users every day, the income is close to 1000 yuan. I look dumbfounded, personal website so you can make money? I found the station after two years sentence after reading the article, I still don’t know what.

, after I registered the A5 forum, discovered that originally website promotion and construction need so much knowledge, saw that vast article, suddenly felt oneself simply is in the construction station idiot.

and I of this page, I will often come to visit A5, exchange links, and posted what, now every day to come back a few IP, although from you on the home page to publish the article on how IP w far away, but I believe I can do better to > this website


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