How does a society with a valuation of 300 million form a relationship with women over trade

Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together. Have common values and interests of the people gathered together is a community, is now dedicated to the community quasi vertical segments of electricity market a lot, do success is not in the minority, has been able to play with the community electricity supplier, or to understand the user psychology, "as long as the right people in place, itself naturally a chemical reaction."


what about a community with a valuation of 300 million,


"actually, sometimes, I don’t even dare to see what’s discussed in the group because the scale is great."." Less than a year, but the valuation has soared from 20 million to 300 million of the mad honey FM founder Zhang Huan said, "they are already married, a lot of things encountered are common, so that the opening will no restrictions of any kind."

if we are from a certain angle to ponder over this joke, perhaps you can see the mobile Internet era of social form mapping — you must have the corresponding password, otherwise you will be absolutely ignorant of the. We are becoming more and more interested in a niche ecology, where we find ourselves in a group of people who fit into our own thinking, habits, and preferences.

"as long as you put the right person in the right place, there’s a chemical reaction."." Therefore, set up barriers to entry, to create a clear portrait of the community users, in Zhang Huan seems to be a prerequisite for community electricity providers. Today, Zhang Huan’s social group, mad honey FM, has brought together 200 thousand users, including 2000 core paying members, each of whom must be married to a woman with over 10 million dollars in assets.

mad honey founder Zhang Huan

how for such a group of "rich, free, have Yan, still very headstrong" woman to build electricity supplier products, and great success, Zhang Huan and we share three "want" point.

what you’re trying to solve is trust,

Zhang Huan will be traditional electricity providers and social electricity providers, different boils down to two words – trust. Traditional electricity supplier is like the online version of the department store, things placed in every counter, users like shopping, like buying, go. However, the community electricity supplier users are staying in the group, so the product is in the case of user participation, constantly improve, perfect, and constantly fit the needs of users.

Zhang Huan and his team had done "French women don’t old" Paris fashion week mad honey tour, 8 days and 7 nights of the ultimate experience as long as 58 thousand yuan, in addition to the "fashion show" "purchasing" standard, can also participate in the dinner, is a French photographer accompanying with the film. After the product launch was berserk. In order to take the money after the wayward crazy honey all requirements to upgrade to business class, visit Chanel, Hermes, Dior and other luxury design studio and flagship store.

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