Lu Songsong talking about several methods of operating regular station groups

if 1 stations make 10 pieces for 1 days, 10 stations can earn 100100 stations for 1 days, 1 days can earn 1000 yuan, 1000 stations can earn 10 thousand per day for 1 days, this is what everybody knows XXX day into thousand yuan profit pattern.

a few years ago in order to distinguish the webmaster website each column of content and structure, independent of many two level domain name to a channel as an independent website, until one day suddenly found, imperceptibly already has a huge website group, and each sub station can pass the alliance profit, add up to more than a profit stand much. So for the next few years, garbage station group appeared. Taking into account the search engines on the station block is very serious, so Lu Songsong in this article only a little formal "boutique station group" do some explanation.

one, how to build a station group?.

station group established one of the most important points are: different, try to ensure that IP is different, different domain name can be, but the cost is very high, and the new filing system is limited by the vast majority of domestic garbage stations, so as IP and domain name, only the most suitable in foreign countries to buy more. A way to save money is to find free space, free domain name to build, but more often to something free, the more likely they are to become garbage station.

As for the

stations using the program to what is not the most important, there are a lot of free CMS, blog is enough for you, but it is best to choose your best CMS operation, each station select different templates, I have seen many do use single page station group.

two, station group maintenance method.

is currently on the market a variety of station group software innumerable station software generally, automatic updates, automatic maintenance, automatic collection and other functions, which can solve the trouble we maintain hundreds of websites, like, stations, stations, station group Yi Tao knight, We7, madman stations, Yanhuang stations are pretty good the station group software maintenance. Of course, in the collection of articles with pseudo original tools from a new modification, perfect, and now most garbage station owners are using these tools.

Most of the

above said is the use of software group garbage station, now on the market are called "the Web cluster system software, this station group software used widely, such as government portal group, large enterprise website group, industry website group and so on, like PowerEasy SiteGroup, Tahan network We7, TRS, (Western power) are currently relatively good station software.

of course, if in the case of a small station, such as several stations, Lu Songsong suggested the use of manual update, the station as independent boutique station to maintain, but not blindly use tools.

three, station group optimization method

first of all, the website weight optimization, and blog group built, this is the most common operation method, through the station between links to enhance the weight, different is the blog group construction >


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