Discussion on the application of 4P in website operation

I want to do a website, the beginning is from learning ASP and MS, sqlServer, access and html. Later, gradually learning the operation of the site, in this regard is entirely personal exploration, and there are some websites on the Internet to see the operation of the article, and colleagues do some discussion. Because I want to maintain personal and family life so only in a full-time work from operating a website, but work is not very busy. But there are also many things to deal with in the family, so the time of maintaining the website is not long. This runs a local secondary website for four years. Although my website is not successful, some people seem to have even failed, but some of the experience I gained is undoubtedly valuable to my friends as I have been exploring before, so I have come to share it with you.

marketing, which has 4P theory, namely: product products, price prices, place channels, promotion promotions. In view of these four aspects, I found out in the website operation process each aspect which corresponds with it.

first of all, the prduct product corresponds to the beginning of the site of the product market demand analysis, user positioning, as well as the development of the site’s function. For example, I am now in operation Sanland Shenyang tutor network I originally according to the tutor and students mutual needs of the Shenyang market, as they build a bridge came into being. Users, of course, are students who want to find tutors in Shenyang and teachers who want to find them. Website functions, through the network of trainees and teachers for more comprehensive understanding, booking, mutual exchanges, and finally find the most suitable for each other.

secondly, price price corresponding to the website operation is profitable. Some websites are free to operate, and this requires a great deal of traffic by gaining a large amount of traffic to gain revenue from the advertising alliance. I’m running Sanland Shenyang tutor network is introduced by teachers and students, and then charge a small fee. I think this method is to provide users with service after the collection, the user is completely risk-free. Some people want to be free is perfect, in fact, I have also thought, but the maintenance of an efficient website requires effort and financial resources, so I really can not help. Only a certain fee, these costs are to protect the site better and better economic base.

again, place channels correspond to the exposure of Web site operations, accurately speaking, the exposure rate of the effective population. We operate the site of small webmaster love the way and also useful is the search engine optimization (SEO), if have a good ranking in the search, website traffic will increase, and the flow is through the keywords here, is to ensure the validity of the flow. So webmaster must be web site optimization, soft Wen writing. In addition, the webmaster can also unite some other webmaster friends to do some cooperation, such as friendship links, of course, not limited to this.

finally, promotion promotions correspond to the vision of Web site design before the website runs


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