A novice webmaster’s thinking about Network Entrepreneurship

everyone has a dream in mind that one day he will become a successful person and let everyone know you. I have the same dream, and I’ve been stumbling through it all the time. There has been no sign of success.

first of all, I am a college student, a college student who is going to enter the society.

today, when micro-blog saw Tang Jun’s words, he reminded me a lot. He said, "should a college student start a business? It should not be in addition to any special skills or innovations."… It’s better to start with social skills and start a business at any age… Don’t blindly start your business. "Let me understand something.".

I want to have a lot of confusion, the website was established, according to the online method of doing SEO, do the promotion, but the popularity did not increase much, I think we are still blind, saw on the Internet some webmaster every month tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of money, the heart too. I don’t need so many thousands a month is enough, so with the dream to join the camp. But we forget the important things, we can’t do anything blindly, we can’t do anything blindly. I want to blind mainly in the following: first, the theme selection confusion, today I feel this topic is good, so do the station, and then promote the added content, and found no much effect, so he found another theme is good and another to do. Two, is blindly follow the trend, take Gu sister for it, valley sister can be said to be successful, so what Valley father, aunt, Gu brother’s what has come, but which one can do like Valley sister,


in fact, think of nothing, skills, money, social experience, but also destined to have been confused, has been blind.

I admit that I am still blind, my blind is not follow the trend, but the first point, so I am now, may not be successful in the future.

above is a personal view.

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